Disney Confirms That It May Bring Back Old Annual Pass

in Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey on a parade float at Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

One Disney Park has just confirmed that it could possibly bring back its old (and deeply missed) Annual Pass.

Whether it’s Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, Annual Passholders are some of the most dedicated Disney fans around. Or, at least, they were before the pandemic.

Annual Passport
Credit: Disney

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When COVID-19 swept across the globe in early 2020, every Disney Park shut its gates – and suspended its Annual Pass system. As parks started to reopen later that year, these systems remained missing from most resorts, with Disney swiftly announcing new programs in their place.

At Disneyland Resort, this took the form of the Magic Key Passes. These range from the Enchant Key Pass to the Inspire Key Pass, with each offering varying degrees of park blockout dates and benefits such as discounts and free (or discounted) parking.

Two Guests checking Disneyland App in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The same is true over at Walt Disney World Resort, where the Annual Pass was replaced with the admittedly pretty complicated system of Disney Pixie Dust Passes, Disney Pirate Passes, Disney Sorcerer Passes, and Disney Incredi-Passes.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Disneyland Paris replaced its Annual Passes with the Disneyland Pass, which is more expensive, more unpopular, and offers fewer perks than its predecessor.

Cinderella with a young Guest and their family at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

Further afield, one resort has remained stubborn on reintroducing Annual Passes. Tokyo Disney Resort hasn’t offered an Annual Pass since 2020 and has given very few updates on the possibilities of its return ever since.

Now, however, we finally have an update on when Tokyo Disney may once again offer unlimited entry to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Mickey Mouse in front of Tokyo's Cinderella Castle
Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

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Yumiko Takano – chair and CEO of Oriental Land Company, which owns and operates the resort – recently gave journalists a tour of Fantasy Springs, the Tokyo DisneySea expansion set to open in early 2024. During the tour, Nikkei Asia reports that she confirmed that reintroducing Annual Passes is currently being “considered” as a part of Tokyo Disney Resort’s ticketing strategy.

Tokyo Disney Resort is set to see a surge in demand over the next few years. In spring, Fantasy Springs will introduce a 140,000-square-meter land featuring areas inspired by Frozen (2013), Tangled (2010), and Peter Pan (1953). This will include attractions such as Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey (Tokyo’s version of Frozen Ever After), Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival, Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, and Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies.

Mickey on a parade float at Tokyo Disneyland
Credit: Tokyo Disneyland

In 2027, Tokyo Disneyland will also introduce a new, unique version of Space Mountain. The park’s current indoor roller coaster will close and be demolished in 2024 to make space for a more futuristic take on the iconic Disneyland Park ride.

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