Dead Dragons and Injured Cast Members Will Close Fantasmic!

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A large, dragon-shaped structure at night, emitting a strong jet of fire from its open mouth against a dark background, reminiscent of Fantasmic!

Credit: Disney

The Disney Parks have been home to some incredible experiences for decades. Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World play host to Fantasmic!, one of the biggest fan-favorite Nighttime Spectaculars. Unfortunately, Guests might not be able to attend the show for too much longer.

mickey in fantasmic
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Watching Mickey use his magic and imagination battle Disney’s extensive rogues’ gallery of animated villains has been a part of the Disney experience for decades, but recent reports from the Parks are all alluding to an upcoming shutdown of the famous show.

Fantasmic’s! Days Are Numbered

Fantasmic! at hollywood studios
Credit: Disney

Fantasmic! is a Disney stage show seen at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios that brings together the best songs and sequences of Disney Animation. Using the powers of his imagination and iconic sorcerer’s hat, Mickey conjures up dreamscapes and Disney movie scenes with dazzling water projections and pyrotechnics.

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The show has been a Disney Park fixture since 1998, but recent coverage reported several incidents in which the very tech-heavy production. With cast members falling and getting injured, pyrotechnical hazards, and the famous Maleficent Dragon recently being removed, the show might be on its way out.

Moana holding up a glowing green orb while fountains go off in front of her. The Fantasmic! logo has been added over the photo.

Although Disney has updated a few sequences in the past few years, the amount of mechanics and systems in place to make sure the production runs without a hitch have simply grown too complex to continuously maintain.

While the Disneyland original might be the first to be given the axe, considering the fire that occurred earlier this year, the recent injury report shutting down the entire production does not bode well for the Walt Disney World variant either.

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At this time, it’s unknown whether or not further steps will be taken regarding the attraction’s future, but that doesn’t mean Guests will be shorted on entertainment. The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and even Disney Springs play host to a wide variety of shows and productions guaranteed to put some magic in your night, with or without exploding dragons.

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in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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