Pizza Planet Delivery Truck Spotted At EPCOT

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pizza planet truck from toy story spotted at EPCOT

Credit: Twitter/@TheHorizoneer

We all know Disney Parks are dedicated to immersion, but we’re not entirely sure if that’s why some guests at EPCOT yesterday noticed a familiar looking truck sitting in their parking lot: It looks like the Pizza Planet delivery guy might have stopped in to enjoy a promenade around the world – or perhaps to deliver a pizza.

Twitter user @TheHorizoneer was one of a few lucky people who got to catch a glimpse at the famed Toy Story truck, and they were kind enough to share a couple of snapshots with the rest of us:


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Another user even followed up to ask, “But does it say YO on the back?” and TheHorizoneer confirmed with enthusiasm, “IT DID.”

Must Be a Major Franchise – Pizza Planet Trucks Have Been Spotted Across America

As it turns out, Pizza Planet has been busy lately – based on the evidence, it would seem that they’ve opened locations in cities across the US and Canada, because other users responded with pictures of their own Pizza Planet car sightings from all over.

@Gambleany noted commonly seeing a Pizza Planet truck parked outside of her home in LA:

Used to have one parked outside my apartments for ages (in Los Angeles). Gotta love it!

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Another user, @exclusivejimmyc, said they saw them all the way up in Canada, at the Toronto Transit Center:

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No surprise, but Disney seems to be a popular destination for such a specifically tricked-out vehicle, because another user, @daxtweetsthings, said they saw the same Toy Story car at Animal Kingdom a year ago.

I saw that at DAK last year!

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That’s one busy pizza guy.

Seriously, though, it’s so awesome that so many people from different places have enough love and dedication to the Toy Story series that they would go far enough to transform their car into one of the movie’s icons – especially such a beaten-up icon.

Was This A Disney World Easter Egg?

That’s not all, though, because apparently cool cars often park around that area of the EPCOT parking lot. That is, at least, according to Twitter user @Elijavision64, who said:

Keep seeing the wildest vehicles there! Ghostbusters were in the same area back in May. [cry-laugh emoji]

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The fact that they saw another decorative car in the same spot would ordinarily lead one to believe that this could be a cute little stunt Disney might be pulling, like a hidden Mickey but with a whole car, but there would be a few problems with this guess:

  1. This would be an incredibly expensive stunt to pull off, especially with more than one car
  2. We very seriously doubt that Disney would ever give up parking capacity to display a car that looks cool enough to display front and center in the parks
  3. Disney doesn’t own Ghostbusters.

What that means is that there are just some really cool people out there, who love their favorite movies so much that they incorporate them into every area of their lives – even their cars.

At Inside the Magic, we love that energy.

Have you ever seen a cool movie-themed car parked somewhere random? What about at EPCOT? Give Inside the Magic the scoop in the comments.

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