Knott’s Scary Farm Introduces Over 50 Interactive Elements

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Knott's Scary Farm Conductor

Credit: Knott's Scary Farm

For its 50th Anniversary, Knott’s Scary Farm is setting itself apart from other Theme Park Halloween events by adding never-before-seen interactive elements to the entire Park.

Giant Knott's Scary Farm Skeletons with lanterns
Credit: Knott’s Scary Farm

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Since 1973, Knott’s Scary Farm has been bringing in thrills and chills for Guests near the Los Angeles area who love Halloween and anything horror. While many other Theme Parks have followed since, like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights or Six Flags Fright Fest, there is still something special about the one that started it all.

This year marks Knott’s Scary Farm’s 50th anniversary, and they are celebrating in style. While there won’t be any cake, presents, or a happy little song, the spirits of Ghost Town figured out the perfect way to liven things up: with a mystical lantern that can bring a spider to life.

Knott’s Scary Farm Introduces New Interactive Lantern

Knott's Scary Farm interactive lantern
Credit: Inside The Magic

During Midsummer Scream, Knott’s Scary Farm announced several exciting new additions to the event in celebration of its 50th anniversary, including lots of merchandise. While many served as great tributes to the past, one of the most intriguing items was an old-timey lantern that can interact with various parts of the Park.

The interactive lantern is based on the one carried by the train conductor located by the Calico Railroad. It was described during the panel as able to unlock “over 50 unique, spine-tingling interactive experiences scattered throughout Knott’s Scary Farm.” It will function throughout the Amusement Park, including in every Scare Zone and maze. There’s no word on whether it will interact with the Calico Mine Ride or Timber Mountain Log Ride, but that’s unlikely.

Guests who purchase the lantern will also be given “a ghostly map marking the interaction points throughout Knott’s Scary Farm where the lantern can awaken the spirits.” It also lights up in a variety of colors and can help you navigate the darkest haunted house.

Knott's Scary Farm swamp spider concept art
Credit: Inside The Magic

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The only hard example of an interactive element was a giant spider animatronic described as the “swamp spider.” If you hold your lantern up to it, the spider will come to life and move toward you—a genuinely petrifying experience, especially if you are arachnophobic.

Knott’s Berry Farm kicked off the Theme Park Halloween craze with Knott’s Halloween Haunt back in 1973. Since then, they have constantly been innovating while simultaneously paying tribute to their roots. And nothing personifies that more than this interactive lamp. Well, except for maybe Knott’s Scary Farm’s new Icon…

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