Superman Gets Official Release Date

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With The Flash (2023) nearing release and the promise of a new DC Extended Universe with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy (2025), the hype for the Man of Steel is real. And you can enjoy America’s favorite superhero sooner than you think on Adult Swim.

Superman speaking to civilians in My Adventures with Superman
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Superman is, without a doubt, the most recognized superhero of all time. Not only is he essentially responsible for every trope we associate with the genre, but Clark Kent’s first feature-length cinematic outing is the basis for every superhero movie we see today.

While many of his live-action interpretations are classics and have given us iconic performances from Christopher Reeves, George Reeve, and Henry Cavill, Superman has also had an important animated legacy. He’s served as a leader and moral compass for multiple Justice League cartoons, and his solo series from the 90s proudly stands next to Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995).

Fortunately, it looks like that animated legacy is going to continue. However, this time the Man of Steel is going in a more mature direction with My Adventures With Superman (2023) on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

‘My Adventures With Superman’ Debuts on Adult Swim

My Adventures With Superman premiere date and main characters flying in the air
Credit: Adult Swim

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On June 5, Adult Swim finally announced the launch date for its new animated series My Adventures With Superman by dropping a trailer on its YouTube channel. It will debut with a 2-episode series premiere on July 6 at midnight.

The trailer shows a young Clark Kent after he makes his way into Metropolis for the first time. Along the way, he becomes an intern at The Daily Planet alongside Jimmy Olson. The two are automatically assigned to a story with Lois Lane as she tries to uncover Superman’s identity.

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The trailer also gives viewers a look at some of the villains we’ll meet along the way and its new anime-inspired animation style. However, there is no word whether audiences will see classic Superman villains like Lex Luthor, Brainiac, or Zod.

But the animation style isn’t the only significant departure for the DC animated series. Since the show is on Adult Swim and premiering at midnight, it can be assumed that My Adventures With Superman is going to take a much more mature tone than any Superman story before it. Either way, this looks like an exciting new take on the beloved hero.

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