This ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Could Be Superman

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James Gunn, Peter Safran, and everyone at Warner Bros. have been incredibly tight-lipped when it comes to their casting of Superman. However, a new rumor has sprouted saying that a soap opera star could be upfront for the role. And he seems perfect.

Christopher Reeve in Richard Donner's 1978 Superman
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Superman is one of the most important superheroes in all of comics. First appearing in 1938, Superman has become the standard for what it means to be a comic book hero. Everything that you think of when you think of a superhero can be traced back to the Man of Steel.

Many iconic actors have portrayed everyone’s favorite Kryptonian. First played by Kirk Alyn in 1948 and George Reeves in 1951, the first major motion picture starring Superman was the self-titled 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve. It spawned three sequels and created the template that has still been used for movies like Batman (1989), Spider-Man (2003), and most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Henry Cavill as Superman
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Since then, even more actors have played America’s favorite hero, including Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, and Henry Cavill, who served as the face for Zack Snyder’s interpretation of the DC Universe. In fact, it can be argued that Henry Cavill is the central character for the entire Snyderverse, having appeared in Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021).

Needless to say, the choice for Superman in the upcoming Superman: Legacy (2023) is going to be an important one, especially since it will establish the tone for James Gunn’s interpretation of the DC Extended Universe. While Gunn and Warner Bros. haven’t revealed anything regarding their choice for the titular hero, there have been plenty of rumors regarding people who are in contention. The most recent Kal El-wannabe is Pierson Fode.

Pierson Fode Already Feels Like Superman

Pierson Fode in a red suit in front of a pool
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According to Variety’s Marc Malkin, Pierson Fode is one of the actors in the running for the lead in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. Fode has sent in a self-tape for the role and Malkin was told that Gunn liked what he saw.

Pierson Fode is an actor and model most well-known for his performance as Thomas Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful (1987-present) which earned him two Daytime Emmy Award nominations. He also has experience in comedy and action, starring in The Real Bros of Simi Valley (2017-present) and the film The Man from Toronto (2022).

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Credit: Pierson Fode Instagram

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What really sets Fode apart from other candidates is his personal background. Not only is he a big fan of comics, which he constantly quotes on Instagram, but he also grows up on a farm in a small town. Sure, it was in Washington and not Kansas, but that’s probably the closest you’re going to get in Hollywood.

It really looks like Pierson Fode could be the perfect casting for Superman. He has the look, the charm, and he even has a similar personal history to Clark Kent. Clearly, we’ll have to get him at Inside The Magic and see how he is at reporting, then the final decision can be made.

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