Disney Could Be Moving To Nevada

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After a month of canceling different projects and multiple production delays, rumors have started that the Walt Disney Company may be making a big move to southern Nevada.

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The house that Uncle Walt built has some of the most successful Theme Parks in the world. Not only does it have Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, but there are also Parks in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris.

Disney also has a worldly presence when it comes to its films. Every live-action studio under the company umbrella films all around the world, including California, Canada, and Georgia. However, it looks like the Walt Disney Company will make a big change and move some productions to the Battle Born state: Nevada.

Disney Considers Moving Filming To Nevada

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Weeks after Sony announced that it was building a new studio presence in southern Nevada, developer Brandon Birtcher has stated that the next movie studio to show interest in transferring is Walt Disney Pictures.

“The second has surfaced in the last few weeks, which has been Jeremy Renner, who has mentioned that Disney might even be a possible studio partner for them.”

Birtcher continued, saying that multiple Hollywood studios have also entered negotiations. “Sony and Disney are just the tip of the iceberg. We have been in very active negotiations with many studio production companies. And once this bill becomes law, we will be concluding the negotiations and then making the announcement of our big-name production partners,”

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All of this entertainment development comes in the wake of Nevada’s Senate Bill 496, more colloquially known as “The Film Bill.” This would bring massive tax breaks to any film company that moves some filming to the Silver State. The bill has been heavily supported by State Senator Roberta Lange, Howard Hughes CEO David Reilly, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Wahlberg.

“We want to create as much opportunity for as many people as possible,” Wahlberg said. “We want to uncover new and exciting talent. There are so many amazing storytellers out there and so many amazing stories to be told.”

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