Police Sent to Disneyland to Protect Tourists This Summer

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A police officer and a surprised-looking Snow White edited in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris is home to the first-ever Avengers Campus, a towering Sleeping Beauty Castle, themed Resort hotels, and more. Despite its name, the only European Disney Parks are actually located in Chessey, France – 32 kilometers East of Paris. Thousands of Guests from around the world flock to the French Disney Park annually, despite its tumultuous beginning and initial financial failure.

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But Disneyland Paris will soon host a new type of visitor. This summer, the former EuroDisney will be patrolled by Irish police officers who will protect and offer assistance exclusively to Irish tourists, according to an exclusive report by the Irish Mirror.

Uniformed gardai, the Irish state police force, began patrolling tourist areas in Northern France last summer. That trial was so successful that the guards would soon extend their watch to Disneyland Park (Paris), Walt Disney Studios Park, and Disney Village. According to the Mirror, the police will offer “advice and assurance to any Irish holidaymakers who need help.”

Star-Lord greets Guests at Disneyland Paris with Gamora stood in the background
Credit: Disneyland Paris

“We are very glad that this year again after last year, we’ll have some gardai deployed in France, both on big touristic sites like in Disneyland Paris, like the Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley, like Mont Saint Michel, also in Giverny,” French Ambassador to Dublin Vincent Guérend said.

The Ambassador said the police presence would reassure Irish tourists and offer a familiar face to turn to in times of trouble. He hoped the program would continue to boost Irish tourism to France.

“If an Irish tourist sees a Garda uniform, he will think “Oh, I know this uniform, I can ask him or he will maybe give me some advice,’” Guérend said.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are constantly patrolled by private security and plain-clothed and uniformed local police officers. However, these law enforcement officers are typically not trained to answer Disney-related questions. They assist in responding to emergencies and escort banned Guests from the Disney Parks.

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