Abandoned Disney World Monorail Found in the Nevada Desert

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All images credit @themeparkshark

One of the most iconic modes of transportation at Disneyland and Disney World is the monorail. Since its inception, the sky train has been at both theme parks, and any Disney fan or Guest knows exactly where to find them. Except for one.

polynesian monorail
Credit: Disney

Whether you take the monorail at Disney World to get from the Ticket and Transportation Center to Magic Kingdom, or perhaps from a monorail resort such as Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, or if you want to visit Tomorrowland when on the west coast at Disneyland, the giant transportation system is easy to see. Although many Disney fans may assume that Disney has all of the monorails on property, one was recently found a little far away from home.

Theme Park Shark (@ThemeParkShark) took to Twitter to post a few photos of an old Disney World monorail found abandoned in the Nevada desert.

We found an old Walt Disney World Monorail in the Nevada Desert!

When I first saw the Tweet, I instantly thought that this monorail surely belonged to Disneyland. The proximity between California and the Nevada desert is a lot closer than Florida. However, after looking at the Mark IV Monorail manufacturing details, the bottom clearly states that this monorail was manufactured in Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL. 

Credit: @themeparkshark

And while being manufactured at Walt Disney World Resort doesn’t necessarily mean it was used at Walt Disney World, it certainly could have been shipped to Disneyland for use. Las Vegas also had used monorails made by Disney in the past, which is a likely contender as to where this monorail originally belonged. The fact remains that the history of this abandoned monorail is a mystery!

Although it has not been stated how the monorail got to the desert and why no one has removed it yet, it is fascinating to see the monorail, although dusty, still looks like it’s in good shape! The blue rim of the monorail still holds a vibrant color, and it seems the switchboard is still intact at the front of the vehicle.

For now, it seems that anyone who is stopping by this relic can get some pretty cool photos of a classic piece of Walt Disney World history!

Why do you think this monorail is sitting unattended in the middle of the desert?

in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World

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