Marvel Has Reportedly Made a Decision on Recasting Jonathan Majors as Kang

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Actor Jonathan Majors in role of Kang The Conqueror, Marvel Studios

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Everyone has been patiently waiting to find out what Marvel was set to do about the arrest and charges of assault that Jonathan Majors is up against. The bizarre thing is that Disney has been quite adamant about dropping actors with such severe allegations against them almost immediately. That was certainly the case for Johnny Depp. While Disney and Marvel have been coy about what to do so far, a decision is believed to have finally been made.

Marvel Star Jonathan Majors Parts Ways With Talent Manager and Public Relations Manager
Credit: Inside The Magic

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Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York in March of this year after he allegedly assaulted a woman believed to be his girlfriend. The woman in question reportedly had marks on her arms and neck. Since then, a few organizations have dropped Majors, but not Disney—oddly enough.

The US Army initially dropped Majors, as he was part of a huge promotional ad the military organization had running on television. Though Majors had not yet seen his day in court, the army distanced itself immediately. The next proverbial domino to fall was the public relations firm, and the management group that handled Majors had also parted ways with the actor.

Though this seemed like the brunt of the damage Jonathan Majors would face, a group of other unnamed women had reportedly revealed themselves as victims of the actor’s abuse and had begun working with the district attorney of New York to help further build a cast against Majors. This was followed by the woman that Majors had allegedly assaulted, who had filed a temporary order of protection against the actor.

This order of protection would deny Jonathan Majors from contacting the victim until the trial date. This order of protection makes it sound like Majors is in far more trouble than initially thought.

What has been most odd, though, is that Majors and his legal team have denied this assault took place. He even released text messages from this woman about how she took the blame for the assault and Majors being arrested. We are unsure if those text messages will be admissible in court, but it makes the whole situation seem precarious.

Marvel Has Made its Decision About Jonathan Majors

Actor Jonathan Majors as Kang The Conqueror
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Though industry insiders have been going back and forth with rumors about what Marvel was planning to do with Jonathan Majors, it appears that the media giant is now flirting with the idea of recasting the actor completely. The Cosmic Circus has stated that though Marvel is not fully committing to dropping the actor yet, they have begun the process of recasting him.

We would argue at this point that it might be tough for Majors to come back from even being accused of such heinous crimes. The actor has been charged with assaulting a woman, which should have been enough to be dropped immediately. However, Marvel might know something the public does not.

Jonathan Majors as Kang in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania' (2023). Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Either way, Majors is due in court on May 9. The outcome of this trial will indeed be revealed tomorrow, which we will certainly update everyone on. Marvel should be making a final decision, though it appears that the process of recasting has already begun. Though it might be a bit too late, considering Jonathan Majors will be a major character in Loki Season 2, he can be replaced via Multiverse magic in upcoming movies and shows.

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