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Actor Jonathan Majors in role of Kang The Conqueror, Marvel Studios

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  1. ginandbacon

    Guilty until proven innocent. While the charges are bad I find it odd that Majors was the one who called the cops because he was worried about his girlfriends mental state. Now, I have no idea what happened but his lawyer says she has text messages sent 7 to 9 hours later saying he didn’t touch her, yet she told the police something else.

    Now, he could be 100 percent guilty but the fact that HE called the cops and they arrested him because she had marks on her doesn’t mean it wasn’t self defense. You do still have a right to defend yourself, especially in your home/apartment. Disney probably knows way more obviously but also who’s the cab driver and do they have statements from him? Still a lot of questions that need to be answered. I guess it’s guilty until proven innocent these days and like I said he could be at fault but the fact that he called the cops says there is something more too the story then him just physically abusing her. Never call the cops unless it’s 100 percent necessary because if he didn’t, I doubt any of this would have ever come out.

    Below was released from the police.

    Police sources did say Majors called 911 himself to report his concern about his girlfriend, with whom he lives. However, when police arrived, sources say the girlfriend told a different story — that she and Majors were in a cab on the way home from Brooklyn when he physically attacked her.

    In a statement, lawyer Priya Chaudhry says Majors, 33, called 911 out of concern for the 30-year-old woman’s mental health on March 25.

    She says seven and nine hours later, the woman sent messages saying she used physical force against the “Creed III” actor.

    In one message, the accuser said she told police this was not an attack and they do not have her blessing for any charges.

    She also said no strangulation occurred and Majors called because she collapsed and passed out

    1. DoMa

      Pictures from the cops will prove his innocence or guilt. Stay tuned.

  2. RickTR

    Disney has dropped several people for far less than that, of course they weren’t as dark

  3. Michelle

    They should not recast him. He should still be given the opportunity to do the role. He was not convicted of anything! Cancel culture is sickening

  4. Michelle

    No they should not recast the role. He has not been convicted of anything! He should be able to continue with the role. Cancel culture is sickening!

  5. Corey

    Women are sick trying to play fake victim to get these good men arrested and gaining money from them.

  6. nichi

    Depp was found to be innocent and he had his day in court. Disney still won’t apologize. Fans won’t see any future Pirates movies unless JD is in it.
    Considering their actions led to James Gunn eventual move to DC and Guardians Vol., 3 is the best MCU movie since Endgame.
    Have they learned their lesson after JD and Gunn?!?? Only time will tell.

  7. DoMa

    Pictures from the cops will prove his innocence or guilt. Stay tuned.

  8. AJ

    Tbh innocent until proven guilty. This world is a mess and it’s crazy that the justice system still hasn’t change. It don’t make sense to recast someone that’s done the work that’s worked so hard and he doesn’t even bother nobody but yet this happens. Because he was on the verge to become one of the greats of course this happens. Normally if someone Is guilty they’ll just be dropped just like that and they will be in jail but majors didn’t do anything we don’t know so instead of assuming he did something to the woman because she is a woman it’s his fault nahh I ain’t buying that. Don’t recast.

  9. ajx

    I think Disney just has enough money to throw around to do auditions for recasting just *in case* he is guilty. If The Flash can still come out after Erza pleading guilty, and the whole Johnny Depp thing, this currently is far from…major

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