Imagineers Pull Out of Florida, Disney World Suffers

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Whether he knows it or not, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis just forced Disney World to play their trump card. As the feuding between the raging Republican and the house of mouse continues to toss and turn, Disney recently pulled the plug on a billion-dollar Imagineering development in Lake Nona.

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Not only has this cost the state an incredible amount of money from its biggest employer, but it’s also put the kibosh on multiple future Disney projects. Moreover, it might also signify a possible relocation for Disney altogether.

Is Disney World Doomed?

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, is one of the state’s largest sources of employment and income. The theme parks and Disney resorts are a major source of tourism for his territory, and DeSantis has picked a fight he can’t win. In a major case of mess-around-and-find-out, his recent actions forced Disney to cancel their Imagineering relocation program.

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Disney Imagineering is the studio’s powerhouse of creativity. It’s how we’re able to have such incredible experiences in both the Disney Parks and at the movies. By keeping them away from the property that (according to most fans) needs the most work, Disney World’s healing process has officially been stunted by Florida’s governor.

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Disney has pulled the plug on this project due to what Disney Park Chairman Josh D’Amaro called “changing business conditions,” regarding Florida legislature on LGBTQ issues. While that might be what Gizmodo calls a “win for for the voices that expressed their concerns under Iger,” it does not bode well for the fanbase.

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There is already a more than palpable sense of inequality between Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but conditions at the Florida Parks could continue to deteriorate unless action is taken. More accurately, the Florida Republican needs to be permanently reeled in if conditions in his state (with or without the Disney Parks) are to be improved.

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While it’s certainly true that Disney’s decision does play a part in the political theatre, Florida’s governor has truly overstepped in pursuing his vendetta against the company. Tremendous growth for the state’s industry and tourism has been lost, along with thousands of jobs. Broad is the path and wide is the gate that leads to destruction.

Could this be a sign of Disney’s exit plan from Florida? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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