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  1. Corey

    Take Desantis out of the situation, this move was bad and should have always been reversed course. This combined with Disney’s cost cutting is just inevitable and has nothing to do with the governor. I also wouldn’t spell “doom” just because the imagineering department isn’t making a full move, lol.

    1. MbRayK

      A project ‘in default’ isn’t a profitable endeavor to pursue. Disney’s attendance and attraction is down as parents realize their entertainment funds are better spent elsewhere.
      It doesn’t matter where Disney goes, they’re as doomed as Budweiser.

      1. Beth


    2. Beth

      Well said. Disney has been shutting down locations within the park for quite a while now. They’ve had to shut down more this year because they just don’t get the money that they used to so they have to cut back. With the cost of living these days who wants to pay $150 for one day at a park and that doesn’t include food parking souvenirs etc

  2. Gary

    Alot of them did not want to come in the first place!

  3. AI 1st

    Disney should slowly pull out of Florida one park at a time. Spreading Disney magic in states that want the tourist industry.
    Then return all florida property back to nature.

    1. Beth

      I would love to see Disney leave they’re a rip off and the cost of admission is insane. But they’ve already said they can’t afford to leave Florida. They’re just mad because Desantis put his foot down. Disney should never have gotten involved in politics. They should have learned from all the other businesses who got involved and have suffered from it. Our state will be fine without them

      1. Dave

        Apparently you’re not aware of the fact that Disney and most other large companies have been involved in politics since the beginning of time. Hundreds of lobbyists comb the halls of state capitols in Florida California and Washington DC influencing politicians to vote on their behalf. Disney donated thousands to DeSantis. It’s how our government works.

  4. Dick

    Florida’s dictator DeSatan expects Disney to click their heels and say Yavul Herr Kommandant.
    I’m sorry to admit I voted for him when he ran for Governor. I will NOT make that mistake again!
    LEAVE DISNEY ALONE you idiot!

  5. Steve

    Disney announced 17 billion in future development in Florida, fact. As far as imagineers go, nothing imaginative has come from that group in decades, just repurposed stuff, window dressings on outdated attractions or copies of attractions from other parks, plus the fact that the movies are remakes of remakes.

  6. Andy

    Many imagineers were not happy about uprooting their families and moving to Florida anyway. I think Disney made the right choice to retain its key cast members that create the Magic that we have come to love.

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