Bob Iger Addresses Disney’s “Don’t Say Gay” Fiasco

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The current Disney CEO is “sorry” about the way things went down between The Walt Disney Company and the State of Florida, as reported by CNBC

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As soon as word got out that the company had supported Florida’s controversial Parental Rights law, fans, employees, and leaders were stunned. Disney eventually took a stance against the bill, which caused friction between the company and the state of Florida, with Gov. Ron DeSantis continuing to escalate the battle with incendiary words and even more hostile actions.

The Florida Gov. threatened to take away Disney’s Reedy Creek District in response to this. Reedy Creek, which is controlled by Disney, can issue tax-free bonds, levy taxes, oversee land use and environmental protections and provide essential public services. Recently, the Florida Governor took even more action against the district.

Reedy Creek Fire Department
Credit: Reedy Creek Fire Department 

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Following the widespread criticism of its recent handling of LGBTQ issues, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared his thoughts on the company’s stances.

“This company has been telling stories for 100 years, and those stories have had a meaningful, positive impact on the world, and one of the reasons they have had a meaningful, positive impact is because one of the core values of our storytelling is inclusion and acceptance and tolerance, and we can’t lose that,” Iger said in a Town Hall held on Monday.

“I don’t think when you are telling stories and attempting to be a good citizen of the world that that’s political.”

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Iger also revealed that he was disappointed in how Bob Chapek and Disney as a whole handled the response. “I was sorry to see us dragged into that battle, and I have no idea exactly what its ramifications are,” he told his employees.

As for what the future holds for Disney in the “sunshine state,” we are still left speculating. Tensions were at an all-time high between Florida and The Walt Disney Company, with many wondering if the damage had already been done.

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