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  1. Turtle

    Disney wasn’t dragged into the battle, they poked their nose into it and now dislike the consequences. Disney has no role between parents and education. Based on this response and their lack of accountability it doesn’t seem like Disney fully learned their lesson.

    1. Holly R

      Yup, they could have easily just shut their mouth. It wasn’t hard, if employees were for it or against it, whatever, they are entitled to their own opinion. The issue is when they had an official stance.

      1. Bert

        So, the employees are entitled to their own opinion, but the company is not. Don’t you remember that “Corporations Are People?”

        1. AH

          Yes they are, and there are ramifications to speaking.

        2. Steve

          The company is entitled to an opinion. They are also entitled to undergo SEC investigations for breaches of fiduciary duty to shareholders, putting politics above business and causing massive losses.

        3. AH

          Please! Why can ‘t you be civil?

    2. Jayne1955

      Dissolving the Reedy Creek Act would have massive consequences to Disney and Florida taxpayers. They needed to poke their nose into that!

  2. Holly R

    Yup, they could have easily just shut their mouth. It wasn’t hard, if employees were for it or against it, whatever, they are entitled to their own opinion. The issue is when they had an official stance

  3. Jerry

    Disney wasn’t “dragged in,” they dove in willingly. And Iger was cheering the fight on from the sideline. And it sure looks like Disney hasn’t learned anything at all.
    Florida is not California!

    1. Kurt

      No, it’s not. Too bad.


    It’s nobody’s business on peoples sexual orientation and people shouldn’t be pushing their sexual ideas to other people, especially children. That is the parents to handle. Nobody else’s. I used to love Disney until this happened and to find out About all the staff that’s been arrested for trafficking.


      The parents, or the youth pastors…. (wink)

  5. PPP

    Iger wrote a famous Tweet that he wasn’t happy that Disney stayed on the sidelines. This forced a revolt at Disney to respond to the law. Iger was such a hypocrite.

  6. Gary

    Woke has no place in Disney period, with what they are doing in schools, kindergarten to 3rd grade against parents wishes is unlawful in my opinion and Woke should be run out of the country!

    1. Steve

      Woke has no place, period. Not in America, not on Earth.

    2. Jayne1955

      You think those kids in those schools don’t have any classmates who have to moms or two dads? They do and they know it.

      1. AH

        Has nothing to do with it. Even those kinds of families wee in favor of the bill.

  7. AH

    Iger is lying. He knows what went on and what us going on. He is ultra liberal and would have gotten into the mess sooner than chapek. When Disney said they were going to work to over turn the law, they stepped in it. Now they pay the price. Pride goes before the fall.

  8. JJ

    Who is pushing sexual ideas on to children? If you can remember back when you were a child watching movies, cartoons or even listening to music you were more into the story(at least I was) than thinking; oh my they’re going to have sex😮 or why are 2 guys/girls kissing, nor did I care or even understand. Can wooden puppets become real? I didn’t go home and pray for my dolls to become live children. Adults see these things and become upset by what the child saw. If you ask them about the movie/cartoon they will tell you “Pinocchio became a real boy and got into trouble”. Unless you burst their innocent bubble with facts they don’t need to know or care about until much older.

  9. DeSantis

    How about the media actually started calling the bill what’s it’s actually called. Instead of the consistent woke propaganda.

    1. Steve

      Leftists always lie.

  10. Delmar Shortt

    Iger is wrong. It is very political and Disney needs to stay out of it.

  11. Jayne1955

    DeSantis was wrong to mess with the Reedy Creek Act. The main problem with dissolving the Reedy Creek Act is the bond debt that Disney/Reedy Creek has. Should the act be dissolved, the bond debt would be passed on to Florida taxpayers. Some of those taxpayers did not think that DeSantis had the right to stick them with such a large debt, so they filed a lawsuit. The first lawsuit was dismissed, but the suit was quickly refiled, and that one has not been dismissed as quickly, because it was correctly seen as retaliatory.

    1. Steve

      If nearly any other company directly controlled a segment of government, you would be screaming in the streets about the injustice of it. Because it’s Woke Disney, you love it and hate anyone who would change it.

      Twitterite leftists are simply not ready for real life.

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