DeSantis Just Killed Florida’s Future with Disney

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The ongoing conflict between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company has officially reached rigamarole status. Despite backlash from fans and voters and even a lawsuit from Disney themselves, DeSantis has not let up. Now the consequences of his animosity towards the house of mouse is going to affect all Disney fans.

Governor DeSantis on the left, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the right
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Recently, Disney just canceled their Lake Nona project thanks to the actions of DeSantis. The planned expansion would have provided Disney Imagineering a foothold in Florida further to develop projects and additions for Walt Disney World and other venues. However, conflicts in the state have forced the company to pull the plug.

DeSantis Destroys Relations with Disney

Governor DeSantis looking at Disney World Castle; The end of Disney in Florida?
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DeSantis’ vendetta against Disney hasn’t been without casualties, but the governor’s obsessive and destructive behavior has now officially cost both Florida and Disney fans a reportedly one-billion dollar project and supposedly 2000+ jobs for the state’s biggest employer. The tragic part is that he has no idea just how much has been lost apart from the monetary value.

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Some damage can be measured in dollars, the raging Republican just triggered a butterfly effect with astronomical consequences. If Disney is willing to pull out of a billion dollar development, what happens if they decide to do the same thing with the Parks?

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The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the biggest source of income for the state of Florida, and conditions down south have only gotten worse and worse. There has already been a large speculative discussion about Disney fleeing the state, which inches more and more towards reality as the conflict continues.

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What’s truly devastating to Disney fans is the amount of improvements and additions the Florida Parks could have had. Along with thousands of more jobs, Disney Imagineering would have gone above and beyond the call of duty to bring Disney World on par with its Californian counterpart. By little exaggeration, DeSantis is doing serious and long-lasting damage to his state that will have permanent consequences.

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