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  1. Nick

    I thought Disney forcing the imagineers to relocate to Florida was bad? Now them not moving is bad?

    1. Joe

      Ron is just like Rick. Stop the train and now derail Disney.

    2. Libertarian Advocate

      That’s right.

  2. Heather Quinones

    No Disney shouldn’t pull out we should all veto DeSantis and have his ass out of Florida especially after that don’t say gay bill I have transgender children they were in the process and now it’s going to cause a whole bunch out because of him and everybody else so you know what Disney don’t need to go nowhere to desantis does he is nothing but bad for this state. And the Disney

    1. Murray

      Good god what is wrong with this inhuman!

      1. Diane


        1. Nick

          Ok, I think this will work its self out..Everybody take a chill pill Lol…

      2. Susan

        DeSantis is nothing but a bully. And who would ever wanna vote for somebody like him to be the President of the United States is beyond me. Disney should stay he should go. He poked the mouse and won’t let it go.

        1. Trixie

          LOLOLOLOL!!!! He’s the BEST Governor in the country. I’d vote for him over Biden or Clinton or any moron that the idiot Democrats put up. I’d even vote for him over Trump.

          You can’t see how bad it’s getting in the rest of the country – soon we will be like Russia, Venezuela and Cuba…..all because of people like YOU.

          1. Bob

            omg, are you high?????

          2. Steve

            No that would be you

        2. Libertarian Advocate

          He won his last election by 20 points and registered republicans outnumber registered Dems by 470,780 voters as of 2023. If you’re unhappy, Cali, NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, MI, IL will all welcome you with hugs ‘n kisses. 😉 ;)….

          1. That Florida girl

            If you don’t like how the governor runs our state, then go back to yours. Tired of transplants anyway 🤷‍♀️

          2. Peter Rundel

            Truly wish I could afford it- would take the other members of my family too – just short a couple $100k or I’d do it

      3. Floridian

        DeSantis couldn’t care one ioda about the welfare of the state of Florida. All he cares about is power and trying to be a big man, no matter what it costs Florida. I THOUGHT BULLING WAS AGAINST THE LAW GOVERNOR!!

    2. There has to be a legal way to get rid of this FOOL

      1. Les

        Yes. At the polls. Vote that suckered out.

        1. Chris DeSalvo

          This is DeSantis’ last ELECTED Govt gig. He sure as hell is not becoming our next POTUS. And he can’t run for Governor of Fl again unless this pathetic and corrupt Repub Fl Senate and House change the Fl Constituion. Wait him out and then elect a Dem for Governor of Fl. Problem solved.

          1. Libertarian Advocate

            Oh because Charlie Crist was such a brilliant success as a Democrat gubernatorial candidate. The Democrats economically illiterate lunatics as is presently being patently illustrated by the current POTATUS. Get a grip.

          2. Kim

            Our Governor is making huge mistakes. I really thought he was doing a lot of good for Florida for the most part. But now I think he’s sabotaging himself as Governor or trying to run for POTUS.

          3. Dee

            I WILL DEFINITELY!

          4. trixie

            Yeah….Dems have done so much good in the rest of the country. You know, riots, homelessness, increasing crime, joblessness….all those things people like you want for Florida.

            You are a disgusting moron if you think a Dem would do anything but RUIN our wonderful state!

        2. DIZNE ED

          Agreed! Mr. Ron DeSanctimonious has to go!

          1. Libertarian Advocate

            Heh… stealing Trump’s line, huh?

        3. Dee


        4. Dee


        5. Leave Florida, Disney. Just leave.

      2. Joe

        Florida was a great place before The Mouse. Now we have unbearable traffic, high prices and rude people. Good riddance!

        1. Bart

          Grumpy Joe….

          1. DIZNE ED

            And great Florida resident discounts!

        2. Timbuktu

          Don’t believe florida can survive disney pulling the plug all the way! His party should get rid of him! He has destroyed any rationale left in the republicana! They have become the clowns of USA !

          1. Mike

            #bestgovernorever Disney is not the company that came to florida. Good riddance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

        3. Timbuktu

          Don’t believe florida can survive disney pulling the plug all the way! His party should get rid of him! He has destroyed any rationale left in the republicana! They have become the clowns and idiots
          of USA !

        4. Go Disney leave that sand trap

        5. Bella

          I agree with you to a point. The park is good for economy but who pays for all the roads that all the tourists travel on, the cleanup after they leave all their trash behind littering parking lots, grassy areas and our roads,etc…they don’t think of that. And if there really is all the inside crap going on….isn’t it getting a little too corrupt and needs to be corralled or Florida will be in the same shit hole Texas and Arizona are with all the illegals….No thank you!!

        6. MrsBat

          Absolutely won’t miss them. Florida doesn’t need the grief and aggravation. Indoctrination, sexualizing children is abhorrent. While I am not 100% with DeSantis on this, I agree that Disney Corp needs to be brought under control and return to what Walt’s dream is.

          1. That Florida girl

            Nobody can afford to take their kids there anymore anyway. They’re greedy. Also, yes, ANYONE that abuses or sexualizes a child is bad. You people crack me up. Well, they’re doing it so we get to, too. Grow up

        7. Johnno

          Before Disney, Orlando was a swampy backwater in the middle of nowhere. The state has taken in billions of dollars from Disney to make things less expensive for Floridians.

      3. Pamela McLaughlin

        I think they need to leave this guy is insane

        1. Jean wolchina

          Agree, agree, agree! Other states would love to get them! Good revenue!

          1. That Florida girl

            Lol you can have them then. You deal with the rude tourists

      4. Michael

        Vote him out!

      5. Sharon

        I just don’t understand what he is doing. Disney is our number 1 central Florida employer and money making tourist attraction. I don’t get it!

      6. Ron

        The man will evaporate on the national stage

      7. That Florida girl

        Lmfao seriously?! That’s offensive to the people that actually went through the holocaust and an absolutely ridiculous comparison

    3. Terri

      Totally agree. He needs to be impeached.

      1. Libertarian Advocate

        He won by 20% margin. So you hate on him, big deal. Sane economically literate people understand that Disney is pulling back because the USA is on a fast track toward severe economic recession and a very possible depression because of the deranged economic policies implemented by the current POTATUS now residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Wash DC. It has exactly NOTHING to do with DeSantis.

        1. Mary

          Das it’s won because he changed the voting areas and because it was a slow year for voting. Everyone I talk to says they did not vote for him they voted for Christ so how did he get in, voting tampering for shore, leave it to republicans to figure out how to cheat the system and then plan it on the other guy. Also he is not a joke just because of gay, woke or businesses. He is a joke because of human rights, civil rights, immigration stunts, black history taking out of schools, fighting the biggest tax paying business in the state, throwing out text books and having to have control of everything from Disney to teachers to citizens. Who the hell asked for him to do any of this, certainly not the voters. And who is paying for his legal fees. I’m moving so I won’t have to.

          1. Julie

            You nailed it! He claims Florida is free… My Ass!!!! Women have no right over their own bodies, Parents cant decide what is best for their kids, he is erasing black history, banning books, threatening teachers while we are already in a huge teacher shortage, bringing polices officers from others states that have a history of police violence, and turning our Sunshine State into a HATE State with all his Hatefull Bills.

          2. Char

            Not to mention
            what he and his wife did with all the money collected by them after Hurricane Ian in a fund that was supposed to go to help those hit the hardest. Where is it and why won’t you tell us?

          3. That Florida girl

            Good! We don’t want you here anyway. You have things a little backwards. It’s the dems that want to rewrite history and you want to talk about voter fraud? Lmao really?!

        2. Brian

          Absolutely correct and well said.

        3. Bev

          Governor Demented has dreams of grandeur and he doesn’t give two s##ts about Florida.

        4. Yes finally someone I agree with. Who wants another Democrat in charge. The one in the Whitehouse is doing enough damage to our country.

        5. T

          I agree with you, also they loss between 200 and 300 million when they closed the star wars resort. Also their stock prices are down, and some of their lates movies have not done well.

    4. Geri Powers

      I think Disney should get out of Florida completely and move to Arizona or Nevada

      1. Bruce

        No problem just get ready for higher taxes and a state income tax

        1. That Florida girl

          Lol you realize Florida has way more to offer than Disney, right?

    5. Debe

      I agree Disney should not allow the kind of inappropriate behavior Desantis is demonstrating make them pull out of Florida. We love Disney and all it offers our state and residents.

      1. Brooke Almeida

        I agreed to Santhus needs to either leave resign this is what 50 60 years of memories for kids for us it makes Florida so much money give so many jobs to people it’s sick with this man’s doing amen

      2. Snicker

        They aren’t going anywhere they have too much invested in FL. In the trillions with all the infrastructure, parks, hotels etc. The Nola plan was canceled longgggg before Disney mentioned anything about it. That was Chapek’s plan and it was canceled when he got the boot! Whole thing is that businesses need to stay the hell out of politics think Bud Light. It happening to Target now and they are losing revenue. There board are having many meetings trying correct this before they’re on the bottom with Budweiser.

    6. Brooke Almeida

      I agreed to Santhus needs to either leave resign this is what 50 60 years of memories for kids for us it makes Florida so much money give so many jobs to people it’s sick with this man’s doing

    7. Steve

      HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!

      1. That Florida girl

        Lol who can afford to take their families anymore

      2. JJ

        Good for you. The people who wish to remain there will eventually suffer under his control as a fascist leader.

    8. Geri


    9. Kim

      I agree with you. I’m so sorry for you and your kids are going through. Idk how you all live there. Hope he gets voted out!

    10. Me

      He is a child in diapers and his parents never gave him fun. I really don’t know if he knows how to really live in christ. I understand we’re he is going. But he is putting a lot of people out of jobs. And this is why people leaving Florida.
      One thing I don’t understand why people have to be soo mean and play God expcilly ones with lot of money. It don’t make you any better than the next. Plus you can’t change a person a person has to change on his on time and place. He is playing God. And he is bring hate and God is not a hating God.

      1. Tim

        First you are wrong on the people leaving. Florida is the 2nd fastest growing state in the country.
        Next explain to me how he is playing God? It seems the Democrats are playing God if he is.

        Now I think DeSantis was doing a very good job up until this whole Disney thing. I believe that he
        I believe that he is or his board and the legislature have made some errors in how they can do what they are doing. I believe that Disney Corporation still owns all the Land and leases the Reedy Creek land to handle the jurisdiction issues. But at the end of the day since Reedy Creek does not exist then the new board and corporation can be evicted by there not being a lease in place and therefore 30 days Disney can take ownership of all lands it owns and all of the equipment it bought and technically owns. The problem is that WDW is still privately owned just like the property that you own in your Town and County. So, Technically Florida does not have control of the property and be able to build a prison. So instead of looking at the history and legalese of this people would rather go by the talking points which are half-truths at best.

    11. Risa Askin

      I agree. Somehow, we have to get rid of him.

    12. Michael


    13. Dee


    14. Tim

      First it is not “don’t say Gay ” law it is guaranteeing that parents have the right to determine what sexual material may be presented to their children, whether it is heterosexual, gay, trans or whatever.
      Now I have to say that you are a poor parent. for forcing chemical sterilization of your children, of mutilation of their bodies. Have they gone through puberty? propably not. Then look at who is influencing our children. I had my children go through a phase. Funny thing is one was beng influenced by person she thought was her friend until that person betrayed her. Shortly after that she was into boys and is now married with a son of her own. My other child had two friends that had her convinced she was trans and, however, one also was trying to convince her that she was crazy and needed to go to a mental health hospital for a stay there. Once the two schemed against her and she stopped hanging out with them she changed her outlook on life and boys. So Trans is an influence thing where Gay is a defect one is born with. So I think you are bad parent for not allowing your children to grow to adulthood before making life altering permanent changes to their bodies.

    15. Valli

      Valli Only Desanctamonios needs to go.I wonder what his youhg children really think! Not what his father force feed them. What if one of them have this syfestylr but isn’t quite sure my What than Ron.


    16. jax

      You have no idea how good Governor DeSantis is. You are an idiot if you think he’s ruining the state. He is making Florida the place everyone with half a brain wants to live.

      If you don’t like his policies and the way he runs things, LEAVE! There are 49 other states you can live in. And stop calling it the “Don’t say gay” bill – there is NOTHING in the bill that even comes CLOSE to “don’t say gay”.

      But you obviously are one of those “progressive lefties” without a brain. You can’t even put together a coherent sentence.

      1. Pipt


    17. Joyce

      Amen that man is evil

    18. Libertarian Advocate

      Bear in mind that Gov Newsom has formally declared California a trans sanctuary so you and your kids could and should move there if you want to support them in their quest to mutilate their bodies. Your choice, but after a 20 point vote margin in his last election going against Charlie Crist, it’s pretty clear DeSantis has the edge and it appears that registered Republicans now outnumber registered democrats by 470,780 voters in Florida. California and New York will welcome you all with open arms.

    19. Debbie

      I agree he’s bad for florida and will be worse for the country

  3. Bowen spencer

    Disney should move its resort to Mexico. Second I think Bob Iger should run for president of the United States.

    1. Karen


    2. Me

      Lol 😆 yeah!!

  4. Aaron

    Just of what Desantis is doing to Florida right now by making Florida into a dictatorship state and has caused the murder rate go up higher, Florida is now 65% higher in murders than New York. And the unemployment is on the rise here now Desantis doesn’t care about Florida or the residents of Florida he only cares about himself and thinking hes god. Just think what will happen to America if he is elected president. He has mage it easier for people to carry guns on the streets so now Florida will have more people being shot and killed. He is dictating what can be taught in the schools he what is inother words a COMMUNIST DICTATOR. He is reversing Florida and history back to 50 years ago with hate and racism

    1. Libertarian Advocate

      Thank you for expressing your completely incoherent and illogical rant that documents in perpetuity your total inability to form a rational thought.

  5. I think DeSantis has let politics go to his head with that said he will never be President and will lose his governor seat next election. I never thought that there would be another politician like trumpty but here we are. I’ve never been to Disney because I can’t afford it but Disney it a wonderful place that have made children’s dreams come true for years and that enough for me to back Disney!!! DeSantis is just being an asshole and karma is headed his way without a doubt

  6. Susie

    We need to veto DeSantis as governor. Why don’t “we” the people get to vote on this? How does one narcissistic man get to make these kinds of decisions for the rest of us? I’m a native floridian and I grew up going to Disney all the time. As many others have!
    Not to mention the other crazy ideas he shoves on others including gays, transgenders, blacks, women… you make it!
    He is the biggest ass… another Trump!
    As governor, he needs to unite us as a cohesive state and do something to bring us all together!
    His personal views should not dictate his he runs this state!
    It’s really scary. He secretly passes laws like being able to run for president while being governor, like not having to account for where the money is spent.
    I certainly hour that Disney wins this and will continue to expand in the state. They will win and we as taxpayers will have to pay not only his attorney fees, but those if Disney attorneys as well!
    In the meantime, he’s doing nothing worthwhile like repairing the damage from hurricane Ian. And helping with the insurance crisis. The list goes on. How is he supposed to run this state while also campaigning for president???
    This is absurd. I cannot stand this man!

  7. It’s a total abuse of power, but his republican cronies look the other way. Disney only said how they felt. Which every American has the right to do. Without repercussions. His vindictive behavior is unamerican. He should be removed from office

  8. Jim

    Just what we wanted in Centeral Florida 4k + more people, 3k more cars on the roads that can’t handle what we already have. The people who live here, probably don’t want the extra people. But to afraid to say it.

    1. Linda Schurg

      DeSantis will be gone before Disney ever leaves Florida. Hopefully Florida residents have come to their senses and realize DeSantis is trying to be a dictator. He has done nothing for Florida but create problems. Insurance is still going up and he does nothing.

      1. Karen


      2. Claire

        Florida and Disney have gone hand and hand for decadesMany of the older generation grew up Disney. Florida HAD a chance to get rid of DeSantas he was already destroying Florida but you Republicans couldn’t let go of the party for Governor well I’m a 65 y/o F/W Republican who saw the signs I voted Democrat Now little Ronnie will either continue to ruin Florida or Ruin the United States Of America for the next 4 years because the rest of the world doesn’t know how destructive and vengeful he really is

      3. K


    2. Len

      I agree good by Disney .a lot of retirement people are flooding Florida..bye bye mickey
      I’ve been hear 45 yrs..thousands of people moving here, Disney properties just gives millions of homes for people to enjoy our state

      1. Karen


    3. Ruada

      2K more people, but, Disney not only maintains all the roads leading into their area, their taxes PAY for the improvements to 1-4, I-95, 1-75 etc. Disney paid $1.146 billion in state and local taxes to Florida last year part of which was for Seedy Creek. Who do you think those Taxes are going to fall on now?

      1. Massave

        Dondis, was probably directed by his donors, get rid of Disney so they can build a jail, or a holding for parent that have trans kids or a place to burn all the books that he deems offensive for kids. And like you said the regular people will pay for it not him and his millionaire donors. This is a sad situation.

        1. Karla DeMali

          DeSantis, is the reason Floridians will have to start paying STATE TAXES! Let’s See how They Will Vote if Disney DOES Leave! I personally am ROOTING FOR DISNEY!!

    4. Me

      Do you want a prison in your back yard??

  9. zztop

    Moving from CA to FL: Creatives and STEAM experts would never!

  10. Lisa Morrissey

    I believe Ron Disantis has ruined any job opportunity and fun for anyone in particular.

  11. Babs

    I think Disney should start building in NC
    Where would be welcome
    Desantis is not only ruining Disney but so many other lives here

    He would be horrible as President he is controlling and definitely not working for the people !!

    He always ng with so much of government only work and help those thatat help them

  12. Lynn G.

    DeSantis will be goneon a matter of years. Florida cannot afford to loose Disney, the thousands of jobs ir provides and $ 1.2
    BILLION in tax revenue yearly.
    They have done FAR more for Florida than DeSantis could ever dream of .
    He is destroying Florida, it’s reputation and the very FREEDOMS he touts on his campaign speeches.
    He is a fascist and extremely dangerous. Not only must he be gone from Florida but he CANNOT be allowed to go to Washington.

    1. Memaw

      Amen!! I SOOOO totally agree! DeSsntis must go!!

    2. Barbara Halfacre


  13. Ruada

    Disney has been offered some very tempting breaks by other states, and yes, nearly everything in the parks could be dismantled and moved. Expensive, but, doable. They could also just gut and leave the shells, moving the rest of the decor and infrastructure.

    What concerns me, however, is DeSantis is aiming for President. With his blatant disregard for the Constitution ( now passing a law that says Asians can’t buy property in the state), free speech, gender rights, education, etc. This country would quickly become a third-world dictatorship under him, more so that 45 tried to make it on 01/06. His thinking seems to be “Constitution, We don’t need No Constitution, I decide what’s good.”

    1. Debby

      Are you SERIOUS that DeSantis has passed a law in Florida that Asians can’t purchase property? How is that even possible?

      1. Marie

        Yes it is true. I looked it up and here is what it said for new rules in Florida.

        The law is set to take affect July 1. It will be a felony for Chinese people to buy property in restricted areas or for any person or real estate company to knowingly sell to restricted people.

  14. Sid

    Why they’re already here? That would be epic with all Mexico’s crime.

    1. J.P.Sweeney

      So is Iger and he’s using his Corporation like it’s his own State…..Newsflash……Disney is Not a State……they’ve been spoiled a long time…..and they’ve got customers going there who don’t know how to act in public…..for sometime now……some have been banned from the Parks
      ……looks like that’s going to be a long term problem for the Disney Corporation…….

      1. Squelch

        What are you like 120?
        Well Disney may have been spoiled We have all been spoiled and reaped the benefits of having Disney here and bringing in all of that money to our local economy.

    2. DeSantis is a bully with temporary power. A very deadly combination. Not fit to govern or run this Country. Sad times for us ALL.

  15. Ruada

    Just a reminder … There are currently more than 25 Disney Resort hotels to choose from in the Disney Resorts Collection, and they own and operate them all including the restaurants in them. Those are also jobs that will be lost if Disney Abandons Florida. Since they could continue to pay the taxes on them, but let them stand empty… welcome to a new eyesore.

  16. Massave

    What is going on in the thought process of this man and Republicans in this state, that voted for him and is quite happy with what he is doing

  17. Tom

    The governor has to be stopped ,out of control

  18. Roy

    Easier to elected another person to be governor.

  19. Roy

    Easier to elected another person to be governor and his enablers.

  20. Kurt

    Do you think that Universal, Sea World or other attractions would be in Florida if Disney never built WDW? I’m thinking no.

  21. Ruth E.

    DeSantis needs to be impeached immediately! He has done more harm to FL than Disney could even conceive of doing. Agreed that Universal, Sea World and many other businesses would not be here if it weren’t for Disney. Yes, we have traffic and yes we have more people moving here every day, but Disney pays billions in taxes. If you want to blame someone for the housing crisis and the insurance costs rising, blame DeSantis and his “non-free” ideology and his fascists actions. We need to get him out!!

  22. Eddie Bair

    Yes, Disney should pull out of Florida. Clearly the current governor & legislature want Disney World to shut down.

  23. Absolutely 👍🏽 yes there are many different options outside Florida. Bid Florida audios post haste!

  24. Stephen

    Disney will not leave FL. They may withhold or move money elsewhere until DeSantis is out. Pollies come and go, Disney has outlasted them all so far!

  25. Cheryl C

    Put this to a vote in Florida. DeSantis or Disney? Let the voters choose. The other has to go!

  26. Richard

    Its alwas nice to have unbiased reporting. Let me know when you find some. Lol

    1. james


  27. Chris

    DeSantis only does what is good for himself, he does not care about the residence of Florida.

  28. Chris B

    I just wonder what do all the youtubers do that moved to Florida just for Disney lol. The ones that bought a house and thought their life was perfect do they become the rats that follow the pied piper as in Disney World and pack up and move too? lol

    1. D. Arthur

      Wouldn’t that just be loverly if they did move too! We might be able to navigate once again on these over-crowded roads.
      Thanks Chris.

  29. Mike Petruschell

    I don’t believe that Disney needs to be allowed to run rampant in their pursuit for land and power in MY State. I believe that Govenor DeSantis is doing the right thing by putting them in their place.
    This “woke” ideology which Disney seems to support, really has no business in Florida. I for one, haven’t lost anything at Disney and their parks and don’t intend to ever. Go find somewhere else to live.

  30. Walt

    Boo Hoo hoo. DISNEY started this pissing match. They should have shut their mouths and entertained people.
    Their balance sheets SUCK because of the mismanagement and political meddling IGER has started.
    Tell me Iger – who I believe is STILL considering a presidential run is not doing this all for political reasons?
    Iger is a scum bag

  31. George W Jordan

    If Disney pulls out of Florida, the financial consequences would be devastating. In order to cover the massive loss of revenue, Florida would have to increase property taxes. In addition, Florida would have to consider an income tax which makes the state such an attractive place to retire to. The combination of these two points would reduce property value and over all losses in sales tax revenue for the state.

  32. Please Disney, move to South Carolina. Tell Florida…GOODBYE.

  33. Janice

    California politics injected their unsolicited opinions into Florida’s legislation. DeSantis is protecting his constituents. If California Disney execs really wanted to move to Florida, escaping the collapsing California environment, they should leave their political views back in California. Destroying another state with their progressive views is not appropriated…..just ask Texans.

  34. Lisa

    My family is from Florida, generations going back. DeSantis is not God!! Disney will stay, but DeSantis will be gone eventually, and never return . He will not control Florida much longer. He’s useless and revengeful. He will never get my vote.

  35. D. Arthur

    Disney had no business getting into cultural or political comments! It is a business and an entertainment corporation. The fault lies with Disney. Hooray for Governor DeSantis for saying “Oh no you won’t.” I agree. If Disney want to leave Florida…that is their option. Universal with then thrive.

  36. Ed Jones

    Take a look at the stock price. Disney cancelled this project due to the fact they are loosing vast amounts of money. The woke progressive garbage for movies and tv shows they are producing as of late are loosing billions in profits. Price of admission to the parks is criminal along with the ridiculous wait times and crowds. What once was an American Icon is now as sad political propaganda machine of woke radicals.

  37. B

    At this moment..I think.. maybe DeSantis should be the one to leave Florida…. “just saying”. Disney has been good for Florida. It brings revenue to Florida, gives many living in the area jobs & more.

  38. Anita Palladino

    Desantass is destroying our economy
    Hope all you fools who voted for him are happy little morons. He is a petty.spiteful creature

  39. CarolineYBrandon Kron

    Disney Should Close Down In Florida And Leave Because They Are Polluting The Rivers And Streams With There Sewage

  40. Calvin

    Desantis had nothing to do with Disney pulling the plug on the Lake Nona project. It was a Chapek creation and a failure from the beginning. It failed long before any of this battle with Desantis and Disney.

  41. Kathy

    I say good! Disney is promoting evil things and is not the company it once was. They were going to import all those “jobs” anyway – from CALIFORNIA which would ruin our state. Keep up the great work DeSantis!

  42. Ed

    He only has another year and a half term.

  43. Fin

    I’m glad DeSantis stuck up for the Floridian way of life. Florida did fine without Disney and we will continue to flourish no matter what!
    Thank you Governor Ron DeSantis!

  44. Robin

    People Disney is cutting $5 billion from it’s budget, so pay attention. This article is very slanted with opinion.

  45. g KERNER

    AND NOW HE WANTS TO PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  46. Renee

    Why should millions be adversely affected because of such a narcissistic child. His feelings got hurt and he can’t get over it. He should NOT be in office. Could you imagine him as President? Somewhere, someone in another part of the world hurts his feelings… where would he stop?
    He really needs to be removed from office. So many Florida residents could be out of a job, destroying Florida’s economy.

    1. MF

      Who. Iger or Desantis?

      1. Dogma

        You are from Florida aren’t you? That is the only explanation for your reading comprehension failure

    2. Former Disney advocate

      Sorry not sorry! Move Disney, it will cost you billions of dollars more, and you will jack your prices up higher and no one will come anyone. This is like watch 2 little kids in a pissing contest to see who can up more, and I’m over it. Hey Disney, did you not see what happened to bud light, target, and tampax… you’re first and formost bread and butter is KIDS, kids are ran by their parents and how WE feel they should be raised/ not by you or by the govt, I’m someone who is Bi (part of “that” community) and I don’t want you or anyone else teaching my kids anything- I will teach them in my way and how I want, stay in your lane, you are NOT their parent! Stick to talking cartoons and fairy tails that are make believe with no real message- we live in a world with enough reality they NEED a break, not a lesson, not reality, but an escape from it all. If you paid one bit of attention to the majority and not the loud mouth small groups and cults you would get it. But these small groups won’t be able to find your business enough, and you’re losing the mass majorities who are leaving out out of frustrations. Stop acting like children, grow up, look at what is best for your business, and start doing that. Because quite frankly most of us have stopped going to you and have gone to your competitors (6 flags and universal and others), looking at your demographic intact it’s move overseas/out of country then US who is going to you, and the main ones going are the Disney cult or the ones who are being loud, and it will continue this way if you consistently make things political and petty. But hey what do I know… (I’ll keep my dual degrees, dual minors, dual masters, and phd knowledge in check- right, because most of us don’t understand politics or business to effectively talk about it)…

  47. Walt's Kingdom

    Disneyland could never be as expansive as Disney World. The reason is two fold. First, California taxes are prohibitive of such an expansion that would also result in an approriate profit stream to justify it to the stock holders. Second, there is not enough vacant or at least available land for such an expansion. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!

  48. Trixie

    Disney did NOT cancel the Lake Nona project because of the Governor – stop spreading LIES. They can’t afford it – they are laying people off right and left and canceling projects all over the place. The Disney employees that moved from California to Florida want to stay here….so if it’s that bad, why would they want to stay?

    This blog is putting out LIES about Governor DeSantis and it needs to stop. There is no “Don’t Say Gay” bill – never has been, but you keep calling the bill that.

    Gov. DeSantis is making Florida the place everyone wants to come to. He is the best thing to ever happen to this state. We need to back him up, NOT spread LIES about what he is doing.

  49. C

    First Trixie, sure you think the same thing for Trump. And obviously not always!

    If logic and intelligence rules, then what is the bottom line benefit to Floridians from taking control of a financial milk cow for Florida by DeSantis? I’ve yet to hear anything that makes sense. Anything short of power mongering is illogical.

  50. Marie

    I was a Florida resident for 25 years until I had to move back to SC near family because of health problems. For a least 15 years me and my son had Florida resident passes to all of the Disney parks. We went there a lot. We stayed at Days Inn so we enjoyed all that was close to Disney. Disney and others outside the parks also got a shared of the profits. Why would anybody mess that up. Desantis is destroying Florida with all the new laws he is changing to make sure he can keep his job.
    Florida needs to get rid of him before he can change anything else to the Beautiful state of Florida.

  51. Jean


  52. Trisha

    Out governor wants to protect our children. I am assuming most of you who are doing all the yelling have no children or grandchildren or you just don’t plain don’t care what they are being taught. Stop spreading lies about our governor. He is a good man and has done a lot for Florida. Do you realize it’s not the Disney we use to know and Walt Disney definitely would not approve. Maybe they need a new CEO.

  53. Craig

    Disney pulling out of Florida is hyperbolic. They won’t leave. They have billions invested in Florida. Desantis arguments aside.

  54. Chris

    DeSantis is messing with Disney. What Disney desides to do in response could affect Orlando as a convention destination for many companies in the future. Corporations will think twice before coming to Florida to spend millions and stage their events. DisneyWorld is a huge attraction in that decision. DeSantis is playing with fire and gambling with the people of Florida’s money/livelyhoods.

  55. Lisa

    I will travel across the country to California to visit Disney before I ever step foot in Florida again. I would hate for Disney to move because of one narcissistic fascist, but only time will tell.

  56. Brian Sirota

    I Believe Disney needs to understand they are not ever wil be a political force and though they have the right to be concerned about the employees rights they should not interfere with influencing others about sexuality or gender.
    If they can focus on making the people attending their park happy while at their park and keep out of “politics” the “World” would be a better place.

  57. King Tuna

    Disney needs to stay in there own lane and start acting like the children based Company that we all grew up to love and enjoy!!! DeSantis needs to stop his damn Government overreach that the damn Crats do everyday!!! DeSantis’s baby games are going to cost Florida hundreds of thousands of jobs all associated with tourists coming to Florida to visit Disneyland and all the other attractions in the area (including all the hotel, restaurants, nightclubs, airports, etc.,)!!! Grow up DeSantis and one more thing; YOU ARE NOT READY TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

  58. Brian

    It’s so sad what Desantis has done to the WDW employees, FL Residents, State Income, Etc. Etc.
    I wish there were laws in place that would prevent anybody from holding a grudge or retaliating against a person or company.

  59. Go woke, go broke, as it should be.

  60. Mini

    Yay Gov DeSantis!!!

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