Disneyland Gets Pride Party, Disney World Gets Prison

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A lot is happening at Disneyland lately, especially in honor of the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. Disney’s original Park out in California has been getting special Meet and Greets, new decor, limited-time treats, and it just ushered in a brand new Pride Nite after-hours event for the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, the Walt Disney World Resort is fighting in the trenches to keep Governor DeSantis from building a state prison right next door.

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Regarding the American Disney Parks, it feels like there’s an unspoken battle of East Coast versus West Coast. However, Disney has strongly favored Walt’s original rather than their larger property quite a lot recently. This time, the company is doing nothing to hide it.

Disneyland Parties While Disney World Writhes

Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite character concept art
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Disneyland’s latest event is Pride Nite, the Park’s first official celebration for the LGBTQ, and the company pulled out all the stops for the after-hours event. Even Mickey, Minnie and the rest of their friends were clad in colorful costumes to get in on the action. That’s all well and good for Disneyland, but what about the Florida Parks?

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While Disneyland celebrates this and other events  with color, light, and new Meet and Greets, Walt Disney World is left in the lurch to contend with the ongoing war with Florida’s Governor. Even in the wake of the company’s 100th anniversary, Disney World isn’t getting nearly as much recognition or special treatment. If the company has the means to go nuts at Disneyland, surely they have the same resources to simply repair, refurbish, and rejuvenate the other property?

It’s Not Fair

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As childish as the title above might sound, it’s the truth. Disneyland already has the honor of being the oldest and arguably most famous Disney Park, but stats show that Disney World’s Magic Kingdom alone has had way more Guests than its Californian counterpart. So why doesn’t the company give it the same treatment?

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Logic dictates that more visitors mean more consumers. We’re not saying that Disneyland is unworthy of special celebrations and such, but it truly isn’t an even playing field and Disney World Guests are getting skunked. In short, Disney’s priorities are way out of whack, and it won’t be long before their customers catch on.

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