Guests Endure Suffocating Conditions at Disney World Hotel

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When you check into your Walt Disney World hotel room, you’re ready for the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you plan to relax poolside and treat yourself to a spa makeover or hit the Theme Parks from rope drop to close, there’s something for everyone at the iconic Central Florida Disney Park!

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There are over 25 Walt Disney World Resort hotels, from value Resorts and campgrounds to luxurious Disney Vacation Club (DVC) villas. But, according to Guest reports, they’re all missing something necessary in the Florida heat: adequate air conditioning.

On Reddit this week, user u/ashleybbutts recalled staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and feeling suffocated in their room. They asked if anyone else had a similar experience.

coronado springs disney world hotel at dusk
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“Despite having the ac on as low as possible and having maintenance check the ac unit- the room never felt cool enough for me,” the Guest wrote.

“We had this problem at all stars,” u/lostand1 agreed. “I liked the hotel but can’t make myself ever go back because it was just too hot at night and the a/c wouldn’t go lower.”

“We stayed at Coronado in 2019 and I would wake up sweating every night,” u/lindser1530r recalled. “I have also learned that if I touch the Disney thermostats they are never the same and just call maintenance.”

A Polynesian inspired Walt Disney World hotel room.
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“We like to sleep fairly cool, and the room felt like it never got below 72 or so, despite having maintenance come out to look twice,” said u/sudifirjfhfjvicodke, whose family stayed in a suite at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. “Ended up requesting a box fan be sent to our room which helped a bit.”

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Contact the front desk if your Walt Disney World Resort hotel room is too hot. They can have Disney Resort hotel maintenance teams check your HVAC system, send a fan, or potentially move you to a different room in extreme situations.

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