Latino Guest Treated With Disrespect at Disney’s Coronado Springs as Third Party Contractor Spews Discrimination, Hatred

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Latino Guest Treated With Disrespect at Disney’s Coronado Springs as Third Party Contractor Spews Discrimination, Hatred

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No, this is not some piss-poor excuse for a catchy and angering title. This happened. How do I know this happened? Well, the Hispanic Guest in question was yours truly – me. Let me tell you the story of my experience at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World.

Before I get into the details of what occurred just this past weekend, let me be clear: I am not talking about the lovely Cast Members or the Executive Chef, who gladly came to the rescue in my time of need.

No, I am explicitly talking about the third-party contractors that Disney hires for their resorts, like the ones who treated me poorly at Coronado’s Springs Resort.

Let me also say that I did not stay at the Resort but instead visited the Resort with someone whose parents were staying there.

Let’s get into it.

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A Dinner That Went Horribly Wrong – Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Let me start by saying how incredible it was to visit this fantastic and beautiful Disney Resort. As an American of Latino descent, seeing this Spain-inspired Resort with its Casitas, Ranchos, and lovely atmospheres that take you deep into the Latino culture was excellent.

I did not expect the terrible service I would receive from the third-party contractors who operate the night shift at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

I had just got done getting off the bus from EPCOT to this Resort. I went to the main entrance, where everyone checked in, and immediately fell in love with this place.

I was hungry, so I went through the big tower where everyone checked in and went to the food court, where the beauty of this Disney Resort once again enthralled me. But the food was awaiting me, so I stepped into the food court, called “El Mercado de Coronado,” where I attempted to buy some food.

Now, it should be noted: I have a severe allergy to things like eggs, seafood, and bananas, so my pickings for a good meal are slim to none. But the great thing about Disney World Resorts and Properties is how accommodating they are with folks like me who have food allergies.

Credit: Emmanuel Detres

I approached the counter to ask about food allergies, and things turned wild. I politely asked a chef to speak with to determine which meal would be best for me. I’m a burger guy, so I wanted to know if the bread used for the buns on their burger had eggs. The chef wasn’t as polite as I was hoping for. She looked annoyed with me as if I was somehow inconveniencing her.

The chef told me she would check and see, and it turns out the bun did have eggs, to which she told me she would replace the buns with the buns from the kids’ burger since they did not contain any eggs.

From here, I noticed that the personnel in the back, like the cooks, were laughing and groaning when the chef told them to prepare my order. We were about 20 minutes out until the place was going to close down, and they had zero clue I spoke fluent Spanish.

Credit: Emmanuel Detres

The cooks spoke Spanish and said, “Do we need to cook this for this guy? Can’t we just pretend we did so we could go home?” You can imagine how shocked I was by this. I’ve been in the hospital before due to my food allergy and almost experienced death, so this was no laughing matter.

The chef joined in on the laughter but assured them that it was of the utmost importance that the meal be done without any of the specified allergens. So I patiently waited about five to ten minutes before finally getting my dinner. But the entire time I was waiting, they continued groaning and laughing at my expense, all while looking around and looking up at me, smiling as if I had zero clue what they were saying. But I did. I knew exactly what they were saying.

I had a plan in mind, though. I planned to continue to be polite and not alert them to any suspicion that I was a native Spanish-speaking Hispanic American. It worked because I finally spoke up when the food was done, and the chef casually gave it to me. And she was absolutely shocked.

Disney's Coronado Springs
Credit: Emmanuel Detres

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I got my food and wanted the chef to make eye contact with me, and I told her in Spanish, “Thank you so much, have a lovely evening.” The look on her face was nothing short of pure shock. She barely let out a smile before realizing what was going on. She instantly knew she had messed up. As I left the food court, I could hear her telling her staff that I spoke Spanish fluently, even though they couldn’t believe it. Why? Because it meant I had heard everything they had said about me and my meal.

But besides this encounter, this is not the only bad thing that happened that night. Oh no, the horrible customer service continued.

Bad Service From a Good Place – Disney’s Third-Party Contractors

The staff was already closing things down even before the designated closing time of 11 p.m., which had many Guests upset as I made my way to a table. The staff responsible for cleaning up the tables were even turning people away 20 minutes before the market closed for the night. On top of that, the drinking fountain where folks can get their refillable cup filled with their favorite drinks after a long day at the parks started to close down while Guests were present trying to get their drinks. It was a mess and completed unprofessionalism all around from this Disney third-party contractor.

Disney's Coronado Springs
Credit: Emmanuel Detres

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The staff above were the ones in question who were speaking in Spanish to each other about how they wanted to go home, but it looked like they were going to be late due to Guests walking in trying to get a last-minute meal or drink since the Parks were closed and there was nowhere else to go.

My meal was enjoyable, but the rushed service feeling and unprofessionalism ruined my entire experience at Disney’s Coronado Springs. The supposed manager was also unprofessional, as he did not know what he was doing. So many Guests were upset and angry by everything closing down so early. I was shocked.

A complaint was filed, and we were told that those responsible would get in trouble for their actions and that something would be done about it.

The moral of the story: play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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