Drunk at Disney World – Guests Share Their Most Memorable Stories

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A man and woman carry a cocktail and food through EPCOT's France pavilion with a background of EPCOT's drink varieties.

Credit: Inside the Magic

For some Guests, the greatest attraction at EPCOT isn’t Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, or Frozen Ever After – it’s Drinking Around the World.

An informal challenge, the idea behind Drinking Around the World is that you, well, drink. Participants start at one end of World Showcase before working their way around and drinking a different alcoholic beverage from each pavilion as they go.

Three adult women in front of Epcot.
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As you can expect, it’s not technically endorsed by Disney. It can also get pretty messy. Reddit user Dylanmhs recently asked Disney fans for their stories of witnessing drunk Guests at EPCOT – and some of them definitely aren’t tales of family-friendly fun you’d expect on a Walt Disney World vacation.

User JulieOAdventureLady described a time from 2019 when they saw a group of friends “held hostage” by their extremely drunk friend at what seemed like a bachelorette party.

“I at least hoped it was HER party and that the bride-to-be wasn’t one of the lasses stuck caring for this gal,” they wrote. “The sweet little country music band playing at the America Pavilion – their music gave her LIFE. She was like a sack of potatoes one second, and then suddenly, she got the spirit and was READY. TO. DANCE.”

The United Kingdom Pavilion was another home to a drunken incident, this time witnessed by user Ruff_Tuff_Powderpuff. They saw a female Guest wearing a Drinking Around the World t-shirt step off the curb and faceplant the concrete with a drink in their hand. “It was a nasty fall,” they commented. “I still think about her and hope she’s okay. A Cast Member ran up to her and was like, ‘That curb gets lots of people!'”

Shots of tequila on the table at EPCOT's Mexico pavilion
Credit: Disney

Sometimes, Guests are as funny as they are drunk. The same user mentioned another time when they saw a Guest removed from EPCOT for his insobriety – only for them to bravely venture back into the Park.

The other time we kept running into a group of folks all wearing custom matching Drinking Around the World shirts getting into mischief here or there, but one member of their party was particularly drunk and loud, and we were like, ‘He’s gonna get kicked out if he keeps it up.’

Sure enough, a bit later, we see two Cast Members briskly escorting him out of the Park while he’s arguing with them. Then we were wandering around, and my husband goes, ‘No way, he’s back!’ And somehow he had gotten back into the Park, but all he did was turn his shirt inside out. He hadn’t found his way back to the group yet, and the Cast Members were already on their way to kick him out again.

Even if Guests aren’t Drinking Around the World, EPCOT still has a reputation as Disney World’s most alcoholic Park. As the name suggests, its annual Food and Wine Festival offers several alcoholic drinks – which can lead thirsty Guests into mischief.

A bride and groom wearing Mickey shirts and wedding-themed ears toast two champagnes.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

User Booktrovert witnessed a male Guest “so drunk” after leaving the Food and Wine Festival that he “missed the monorail door and slammed into the window. Then he laid in the seats giggling all the way to the Polynesian.”

And, of course, even alcohol in the most magical place on earth can turn not-so-magical. By that, we mean vomit. User Background_Set8321 saw a “grown-ass man” at a bachelor party in EPCOT throw up into the water over the bridge between Africa and China. Unusual_Fly_8256 witnessed something equally horrifying: “I saw someone drunk enough to sit and vom on the carpet in the China pavilion, in earshot of Mulan’s meet and greet.”

These aren’t even the worst-case scenarios. As we’ve previously reported at Inside the Magic, sometimes Guests get merry to the point of not just being removed from Disney property, but banned – or, worse, arrested. Earlier this year, a man was apprehended in Disney Springs after an intoxicated “rampage” through T-Rex Café in which he bit the police deputy. Not really the kind of character interaction you expect on a Disney vacation.

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