Guests Regularly Losing Pricey “Necessity” For New Universal Land, Blame Cheap Manufacturing

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Universal Studios Hollywood’s newest land, SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, opened on February 17, 2023, months ahead of the April release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie from Illumination, Universal Pictures, and Nintendo, starring Chris Pratt.

The immersive and impressive land features the video-game-inspired Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, Toadstool Cafe, 1-UP Factory Store, character encounters, and dozens of easter eggs for fans of the Mushroom Kingdom to enjoy. Dedicated Nintendo fans can purchase Power-Up bands in the Park or at Universal CityWalk to collect coins, obtain keys, and ultimately battle with Bowser Jr! The design of your chosen bracelet corresponds to the team you’ll join: Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, or Princess Daisy!

Power-Up Bands themed to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Daisy, and Yoshi to use in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Credit: Universal

While not technically required, Power-Up Bands are practically a necessity to enjoy SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. Nintendo states, “These energetic, familiar and fun interactive games will further enhance the entire kinetic experience within the land and immerse guests into the unique world of Super Mario.”

Unfortunately, Guests report a serious problem with the all-new Power-Up Bands. The $40 accessories are allegedly poorly constructed and frequently fall off. Reddit user u/proxygate asked other Universal Parks fans, “Anyone have a work around or any tips to get these bands to stay on? As I walk or move my arm the ends just start to curl up and I’m afraid It might fall and get lost If I’m not paying attention to it.”

A guest wearing a Mario power-up band.
Credit: Universal

Commenters reported similar and offered “hacks” to solve the issue like an add-on strap also offered at Universal Studios Hollywood gift shops.

Universal Orlando Resort’s SUPER NINTENDO WORLD will open alongside its newest Theme Park, Epic Universe. If you can’t wait a few years, head down to Southern California or hop on a long flight to Universal Studios Japan!

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