TikToker Says Calling Him a “Disney Adult” Is Like Calling Him a “F-Slur”

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Three screenshots from a video of a man pretending to hate on other interests like people hate on disney adults.

Want to know the easiest way to go viral on Twitter or TikTok? Mock “Disney Adults.” Adult Disney Parks fans have become easy scapegoats on social media, a group of people to make fun of when the Internet feels a little too quiet. One woman was mocked for crying when she met Pluto, her late father’s favorite Disney character, for the first time since Walt Disney World Resort shut down for COVID-19. Another couple went viral for a controversial proposal at Disneyland Paris in which they were kicked off stage by a Disney Cast Member and demanded an apology.

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This week, a self-professed “Disney Adult” spoke out on TikTok about how non-Disney Park fans treated him. Kory Burch (@tinker_kory) joked that he would start treating others’ hobbies and interests the way people treat “Disney Adults:”


Anything sounds weird when there’s judgment in your tone of voice! #disneyadult #disneygay #waltdisneyworld #disney #disneylover #wierdhobbycheck

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Standing before his extensive Loungefly collection, Burch listed off interests he could make fun of: “Oh, you’re a NASCAR adult? I mean, it’s just a bunch of cars driving in circles. Isn’t that kind of weird?”

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“Oh, you’re a Call of Duty adult? Don’t they just change a few things in the game and rerelease it each time?” he continued. “Oh, you’re a NFL adult? Aren’t all the teams the same; they just change the colors of the uniforms? Oh, you’re a Coachella adult? Don’t you get tired of going to the same festival every year? Oh, you’re a cruise adult? Don’t you just want to stay on land for once?”

Three Guests greet Tinkerbell.
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“See? Anything can be made weird if you say it with a certain tone,” Burch concluded. “I mean, call me a Disney Adult. You’re just pointing out an observation… I’m a Disney Adult. Calling me a Disney Adult is similar to calling me a [f-slur].”

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Of course, Burch’s video was a joke – he didn’t actually invite people to call him a slur. But many commenters identified with his point.

“Definitely! I wear it like a name badge! I’m A DISNEY ADULT. Loud af. You aren’t undermining me YOU aspiring me,” @ricanbaglady83 proclaimed.

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