TikTok “Creative” Publicly Mocks “Disney Adults” at Disneyland

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Left: Sleeping Beauty Castle at dusk, taken from the left side of the pink and gray castle. Right: A white man scrunches his face mid speech. He wears a gray baseball cap and is talking into his smart phone.

“Disney Adults” became somewhat of an online punching bag last year after multiple viral videos showed adult Disney Parks fans getting overexcited during visits to Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort, and Disneyland Paris.

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In one instance, anonymous bullies relentlessly harassed a woman online after she shared a video of herself crying as she hugged Pluto for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week, TikTokers mocked a woman who posted a video of herself seeing Sleeping Beauty Castle after years away from the Southern California Disney Park.

Two Guests checking Disneyland App in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Days ago, another TikToker visited Disneyland Resort and made a video solely to mock “Disney Adults.” Daniel Bennett (@dxnielbennett) describes himself as a “Digital Creative” out of Los Angeles who uses his 500,000-follower TikTok account to promote his social media business.

Despite refusing to disclose why he was at Disneyland Resort, Bennett loudly mocked other Guests while visiting the Disney Parks:


Happiest place on earth baby #disney

♬ original sound – Daniel Bennett

“Don’t ask why I’m here; that’s not the point,” Bennett emphasized. “The point is that there are fully grown adults here, like walking around without children, and they have ears on their head and like, ‘Oh, can’t wait to see Mickey!’”

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“What?” he continued, pausing in shock. “You know that’s just a guy in a suit, right?”

Mickey Mouse at the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Resort for the Disney100 celebrations
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Commenters were disgusted by Bennett’s response and called out the hypocrisy of making such a video while being an adult at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure himself.

“That’s not the point guys,” Bennett insisted in a follow-up comment. But thousands of responses continued to roll in.

“You’re at a theme park where Mickey is the main character so guess what people are going to want to see him with or without kids,” @parksandpops wrote.

Sleeping Beauty Castle with Walt and Mickey Mouse Partners Statue at Disneyland Resort
Credit: Disney

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“Why can’t people just be happy?” asked @yeetkylie.

“You seem like such an accepting and empathetic person to peoples interests that you happen to not be interested in,” @peypey0419 said sarcastically.

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