Kevin Feige Has “Big Plans” For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictuers

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is going to return to the MCU and Kevin Feige is excited for fans to see the web-slinger’s return.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures

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When Captain America: Civil War (2016) revealed Spider-Man in their official trailer, fans lost their minds. Spider-Man in the MCU? No way. Then Marvel Studios made it possible with a tense partnership with Sony that resulted in two amazing movies before facing a stressful contract being signed for Spider-Man to stay in the MCU. Sony has, of course, continually expanded their own universe with movies, including Jared Leto’s Morbius and Tom Hardy’s Venom. Still, the studio realizes the potential of keeping Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the MCU.

After Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021), Marvel Studios has confirmed a sequel is in the works, but there has been no word on when Spidey will return. After Zendaya’s MJ and Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) forgot who Peter Parker was, a sequel to explore this relationship and what Spider-Man does will be very interesting, especially since Aunt May is also dead.

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' (2017)
Credit: Marvel Studios

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Kevin Feige helped change that with his recent talk with Entertainment Weekly. In his interview, Feige revealed that the studio has “big plans” for the super hero and that writers are just now writing the scripts for his next project. Spider-Man 4 is likely going to be more about Peter Parker as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, than the hero saving the day with the Avengers again:

“All I will say is that we have the story. We have big ideas for that, and our writers are just putting pen to paper now.”

Zendaya as MJ Williams (left) and Tom Holland as Spider-Man (right)
Credit: Marvel Studios / Sony Pictures

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Spider-Man has spent more time with big-time super heroes. After his last movie had the world forget his secret identity, it would make sense that the movie would take some time to focus more on the hero facing street-level villains like Wilson Fisk rather than joining up with another Avenger for a huge battle.

Marvel has not tried to help fans understand when we should expect Spider-Man to appear again. Due to the contract with Sony, Marvel Studios probably won’t bring Tom Holland back except for the Avengers movies and Spider-Man 4.

Andrew Garfield (left), Tom Holland (middle), and Tobey Maguire (right)
Credit: Sony Pictures / Marvel Studios

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It feels like Spider-Man 4 should happen before Avengers: Kang Dynasty, but fans will have to wait and see. Some reports claimed that the sequel could arrive two weeks after The Thunderbolts (2024), but that seems unlikely due to Marvel competing with itself at the box office.

When do you think Spider-Man 4 will happen?

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