Disney Character Alerts Attendant During Interaction, Kicks Guest Out of Restaurant

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Mickey Mouse and Goofy in safari outfits, showing off a table of food.

Credit: Disney

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have seen an uptick in violence in recent months, with both Disney Parks adding a “courtesy” section to their Codes of Conduct to curb the behavior. While some argue that social media and smartphones just spread the news of bad Guest behavior that has always existed, others maintain that something has changed since the Disney Parks reopened during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Amid warnings of increased violence, TikToker Kasen Sanders (@northdakotaking) shared a video from a lighthearted “Disney Fight” that took place on his vacation:


Got into a fight with some duck… #disneyworld #tuskerhouse #disneyadult #daisyduck #disneyland

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Sanders dined at the Character Buffet Tusker House in Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when he encountered Daisy Duck, Donald Duck’s sassy counterpart. Daisy sat in Sanders’s chair while he went to get another plate of food.

“What are you doing here?” Sanders asked Daisy. She shooed him away, and Daisy’s accompanying Cast Member asked Sanders if he thought he was a better dancer than her.

“100%! You wish you were as good as me,” Sanders snarked back. Guests around them laughed, and Daisy continued to wave him off.

tusker house interior, with no Guests inside
Credit: Disney

“Okay, you’re going to need to set that down and follow me,” the character attendant said.

“Let’s go dance,” Sanders joked. “Come with me, come on!”

But Daisy pointed toward the door and continued to wave the Guest out of the restaurant. Sanders and the character attendant laughed together before he allowed the Guest to return to his table.

tusker house donald duck
Credit: Disney

“I didn’t actually get kicked out, me and Daisy made up when I told her her eyelashes looked cute,” Sanders wrote in the comments.

This incident is just another reminder that Disney Characters make magic that Guests of all ages will remember for life!

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