Drunken Brawl Reported In Disney World Hotel Lobby

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Disney's Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World

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We reported on a brutal brawl in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in July. Two families reportedly got into a physical fight after one Guest tried to rejoin their family in line for Mickey’s Philharmagic.

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One man involved in the fight was hospitalized with a facial laceration, while others suffered minor cuts and bruises. Reportedly, personal designer items and phones were damaged in the incident.

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Screenshots via TikTok

Many fans have noticed increased violence at Disney Parks. On Thursday afternoon, we broke the story of a brutal fight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom which was filmed and posted on social media.

According to Redditor u/Material_Yoghurt_190, another brawl took place at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort on Wednesday night:

I was in the gift shop with my mom and my dad, partner and minor siblings (one is disabled) were in the lobby. Apparently a group of 4 people, 3 boys and 1 girl, were sitting and drinking in the lobby. All of a sudden there were screams and one guy was pounding another guy who was still in his seat. Got the girl a couple of times too. The guy who was in the group but wasn’t fighting broke it up fast and took the aggressor into the parking lot.

When I came out of the gift shop and saw, there were beer bottles/mixed drinks everywhere still, alcohol all on the ground and Disney security.

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Credit: Walt Disney World Resort

It doesn’t appear that police or Reedy Creek emergency services were called for this altercation, but Disney Security was involved. Inside the Magic will report any updates on this incident.

Have you ever seen a fight at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort? 

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