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Disney's Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Gary

    Maybe the hotels around Disney property need to follow Walt’s example for not wanting alcohol on premise!

  2. Alcohol & Trash .. not a good combination!

  3. Roy

    Everybody looks at Bob Iger to save Disney, but he brought alcohol into the parks and Walt never intended for alcohol to be in the parks. Bottom line is It’s more about profit than guest experience and safety.

    1. Steve

      Bob can’t save Disney from Bob.

      Unless he quits. We need to encourage him.

  4. Maria Eliopoulos

    Throw the CRAP out immediately!! Anyone involved in an altercation should be removed. I don’t care how much money they have spent on their vacation. Maybe then people will think twice

  5. Paul W

    Yeah, I don’t think violent incidents have increased, it’s just that more of them make it onto social media nowadays.

  6. Doug

    The more people pay the more they expect (DEMAND). When their visit falls short of their expectations some can’t control their emotions. When you add alcohol to the mix you have exactly what’s happening in the park today.

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