Disney Live Streamer In Hot Water Again, Instigated Fight After Bumping Into Another Guest

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Left: Jungle Cruise Skipper, a live streamer, smirking in a white tee in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. Right: Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster as seen at sunset.

Disney live streamers make a living bringing the magic of the Disney Parks to people worldwide through social media. While many boast thousands of viewers, Disney Cast Members and dedicated fans are highly critical of the practice. Many consider it disruptive and an invasion of privacy to be filmed for others’ social media content.

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Last year, we reported on Disney TikToker and live streamer @thejungleskipper, who allegedly screamed disgusting profanities around other Disneyland Park Guests to get them to leave an area where he wanted to film an inspirational speech. “He waited about 5 minutes and yelled obnoxiously loud about diarrhea so that he could have the truck to himself,” a witness recalled.

The jungle skipper standing outside Sleeping Beauty castle.
Credit: @thejungleskipper on TikTok

Inside the Magic recently spoke with a Guest who allegedly had an encounter with the same influencer at Disney California Adventure in late 2022. The Guest agreed to share his story provided that we shield his identity.

The Guest and his wife were leaving the Southern California Disney Park amidst packed Christmas/New Year crowds when TheJungleSkipper allegedly ran right into him while live streaming.

oswald's gas station at disney california adventure
Credit: Disneyland Resort
“I said nothing, he said excuse me, and we just carried on. I thought it was over,” the Guest recalled. Moments later, TheJungleSkipper sprinted back towards the Guest and his wife.

“He had sprinted back and started to get in my face yelling, ‘You did that on purpose, I tried to move, why would you run into me like that? Why would you try to start conflict like that in a Children’s park?’” the Guest alleged. “I was completely taken aback, and just said, it’s fine. Just let it go man.”

guest with pluto california adventure
Credit: Disneyland Resort
TheJungleSkipper reportedly continued harassing the Guests, trying to step in front of them multiple times so they would stop walking. He allegedly repeatedly smacked his hands together to make a fist and said, “No! I really want to know why you would try to start conflict with me?”

“I stopped and said, ‘let it go, what are you trying to do right now?’ and he screamed in my face, ‘Well I just wanted to come back and let you know that you are a big bag of s**t!’ and then ran back to his group,” the Guest said.

The Guest was speechless and decided to let TheJungleSkipper walk away to avoid conflict. “He was obviously a nut and/or an influencer,” he concluded. “It’s really sad that these people are getting away with this behavior!”

Have you ever encountered Disneyland live streamers? 

Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks Guest experience. No two Guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Inside the Magic’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

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