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Left: Jungle Cruise Skipper, a live streamer, smirking in a white tee in front of Sleeping Beauty castle. Right: Mickey's Fun Wheel and Incredicoaster as seen at sunset.


  1. Royz

    Time for Disney to implement steps on these influencers.

    This influencer, like so many others, are not film or tv, music A listers nor are professional actors casted by Disney to be doing influencing, vlogging, etc….

    The entitled attitude of the vloggers is out of control. Their hold on the parks is out of control.

    Disney should ban all commercial professional filming (meaning if you are getting monetized even by Youtube, you are a professional.) unless the filming is authorized Disney approved film or tv crews with an actual purpose and show to produce on property.

    How many of these vloggers, influencers are cast by Disney to create content and promote parks and resorta? NONE are.

    Remember the days when Disney cast professional actors/hosts to promote the parks and resorts???
    One such show Dianey Inside and Out. In the latter the Disney Must Dos on resort tv.

    What happened to the souvenier vhs/dvd s of the Dianey Parks and Resorts? Remember those?

    What about the Disney Parks Christmas parade when it was not an MTV two hour concert.

    Regis and Joan , we need you to host…even Neil Patrick Harris…

  2. Paully

    Like the Pin Traders this is all just a grift..

  3. Liar

    It’s crazy how this is all a lie but you didn’t comment on the one influencer who got the cast member fired over lies. Anyone who knows the jungle skipper knows this is a ridiculous lie.

    1. Amsilly

      Why would anyone make up a story like that? Do you PERSONALLY know this kid OR do you just follow him and see what he wants you to? You, my friend, do not know him any more than I know Neil Patrick Harris.

      1. Tink

        I know him!!! It’s not a lie. Him and his ex gf are evil. I know firsthand because I got bullied and I know a couple of cast members who got bullied. I called security and they wouldn’t do anything.

    2. Tink

      This is not a lie! Jungle pos and his ex gf bully many in the park. Even cast members. He thinks everyone has a crush on him. Know first hand cause they both bullied me.

    3. Tink

      Kelly Kobayashi needs to be banned and fired from ESPN. She’s horrible to.got a guest banned and they were in a shell chair. She said they were stocking her. Give me a break when you put yourself out there people want to meet you that whole group of influencers need to be banned.

    4. Tink

      Kobayashi also got a guest band for the park. She used to make really crappy tick-tock‘s so rude and disgusting and by the way that story about sherief is true.

  4. Joe

    I don’t know about this vlogger but I do know that Disney gives free perks, including hotel rooms, to vloggers all the time in order to promote particular places or events at the parks.

  5. Squatch

    He would’ve been laid out coming at me in that manner. I’m sure he would get his million “likes” from his fan. Such a tool.

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