As Cast Members Struggled to Survive, CEO Bob Chapek Made More Than 400x Their Salaries

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Left: Bob Chapek looks serious in front of a blue background. Right: Union Cast Members protest low wages.

Recent unsuccessful negotiations and a force back to the office by recently returned Disney CEO Bob Iger are the latest causes of tension among Walt Disney Company employees. Just yesterday, we reported a former homeless Disney Cast Member who spoke out against the company for forcing Disney Parks employees to rely on government assistance.

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A new report from The Walt Disney Company reveals that ousted Disney CEO Bob Chapek raked in more than 400 times the median Disney Park Cast Member. Nexstar reporter Scott Gustin wrote:

Also in the filing, Disney revealed the “median employee” works a full-time hourly role in parks, has been with the company for 11+ years, and makes $54,256 in fiscal 2022. For fiscal 2022, Chapek’s total annual compensation was $24,198,254 — a ratio of 446 to 1.

At 11 years with Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, that median Cast Member would make around $26/hour. It’s important to note that the median employee is not the average employee. Most Disney Parks Cast Members make closer to minimum wage, which is $15.50 in California and will reach $15 in Florida in 2026.

Many Disney Parks Cast Members are unhoused. Even more report delaying medical care, family planning, and skipping meals to survive. Abigail E. Disney premiered a documentary on the dire situation among Disney Cast Members in 2022, as Chapek made billions.

A white male Cast Member in a blue shirt smiles and waves as a Monorail passes by.
Screenshot via Annual Shareholders Meeting

Reportedly, Mr. Chapek still earns money from bonuses allotted in his severance package. Still, The Walt Disney Company refused to offer union Cast Members more than a $1 per hour raise. Furthermore, Iger warned that layoffs are incoming.

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Inside the Magic will continue reporting on breaking news from The Walt Disney Company ahead of its annual meeting.

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