Disney World Has a Homeless Problem Due to Rise in Housing Costs

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Some are locals, some are Walt Disney World employees, some are young, some are old, and all are homeless just outside of the Park’s walls. A recent investigative piece published by Daily Mail shines a spotlight on the glaring housing crisis in Central Florida.

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From those living in their cars, in motels, bus shelters, and in tents, the number of homeless people are in the thousands. Daily Mail shared the varied backgrounds of those most affected:

Among them are the newly homeless locals, hit by the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic that saw them lose their modest apartments when their finances couldn’t recover from job losses. Others are newcomers that moved to the Sunshine State believing their lives would improve in an area dominated by Disney’s wealthy economy, only to find rocketing rent prices beyond their reach. They are young, old, white, black, Latino. Some have worked hard all their long lives and are stunned to find themselves facing life on the street. There is little discrimination in this dilemma.

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Many accuse the COVID-19 pandemic for their struggles. Stories of lost jobs, stacked bills, and hasty evictions are commonplace amongst those who are suffering.

Among them is a student/landscaper who lives in her car under a tree for shade, a veteran and his wife considering living in Orlando International Airport, and a list of Disney employees unable to secure temporary housing with motels overrun with homeless people unsure of how they’ll continue to afford their stay.

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There are some who feel that the multi-billion dollar corporation isn’t doing enough to support the towns they so largely occupy, as much of this devastation takes place just miles from the wildly successful theme park.

In response to this crisis, a petition has been created calling on Walt Disney World to get involved and be a part of the solution. The supporters have topped 22 thousand as of the time of this publication.

What do you think is Disney’s responsibility here? Comment below. 

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