Cast Member Begs Fantasmic! Guests to ‘Stop Being Selfish’ After Show Is Canceled

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Moana holding up a glowing green orb while fountains go off in front of her. The Fantasmic! logo has been added over the photo.

A re-imagined Fantasmic! just returned to Walt Disney World Resort, with tens of thousands of fans lining up to see the nighttime spectacular revived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Unfortunately for some fans, the show takes place in an outdoor amphitheater, so Central Florida weather can cancel a performance anytime. Walt Disney World Resort does its best to delay shows instead of canceling them, but sometimes nothing can be done.

Mickey Mouse and Maleficent dragon in Fantasmic! at Disneyland Resort
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One former Fantasmic! Cast Member, Thomas (@dappermanatee), responded to a video of thousands of disappointed Guests following a thunderstorm that canceled the show with his own experience:


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“Have you ever been around that many people getting that angry that quickly? Only two jobs that know about that. Theater Cast Members and falling dictators,” Thomas joked. “When a show goes down like this, you have absolutely no control over what happens, and people come to you to all of a sudden complain about them getting their money back for the whole day.”

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“When you work at Fantasmic!, one of the worst things is it’s the last show of the day. People do not care anymore what you have to say,” Thomas explained. “What’re you going to do, throw them out? Park closes in like 45 minutes. It’s a mess working that. It’s like wrangling cats.”

poster of fantasmic at hollywood studios
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Thomas said the VIP areas were the worst to manage. “The amount of people that think VIP really means Very Important Person when it comes to Fantasmic!. It just means they have an area so they can get you to book it and get the dining package,” Thomas said.

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The former Disney Cast Member said he just wanted to run away in these situations… and keep his job. So he made this video to plead with Guests to be reasonable and kind to Disney Cast Members when Fantasmic! gets canceled.

Mickey Mouse in Fantasmic!
Credit: Disney

“What would you like us to do? Oh, let those union actors get hurt. Right, right. Cool, yeah, no. We’re not doing that,” Thomas said. “That’s the part that people don’t understand. They’re just cool with putting Cast Members in danger as long as it benefits them.”

“I know they renamed FastPass Lightning Lane, but that doesn’t mean that when lightning hits, you get to take that Lane,” Thomas joked. “Please treat the Cast Members with respect. Respect that they could get injured. It’s not always about you. They want to keep you safe but keep themselves safe too. Stop being selfish.”

More on Fantasmic!

Credit: Disney

Fantasmic! has been a beloved part of the Disney Parks experience for decades. It’s changed throughout its time at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort, but one thing has remained the same: the magic. From Disney:

Be there as the forces of good and evil battle it out in Mickey’s dream during this extravagant open-air nighttime musical.

A Legendary Tale

Featuring stunning effects, thrilling stunts, dazzling pyrotechnics and rousing music, this larger-than-life show is painted on a grand canvas of dancing water and light. Overflowing with silly and suspenseful surprises, it will leave your entire family smiling from ear-to-ear!
Credit: Disney

A Night When Dreams Come True

Fast asleep, Mickey Mouse dreams that he is a mighty sorcerer’s apprentice with the power to control water, color and magic. The Disney Villains—including Maleficent in the form of a towering, 40-foot-tall dragon—turn Mickey’s dream into a nightmare, but don’t underestimate the power of Mickey’s imagination!The fantastic fantasy includes Disney Characters from some of your favorite animated films:

  • Moana

  • Frozen 2

  • Mulan

  • Aladdin

  • Pocahontas

  • Beauty and the Beast

  • The Little Mermaid

  • The Lion King

Have you seen the new version of Fantasmic!? 

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