Previously Dress-Coded Guest Calls Out Inconsistency In Disney’s Rules

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Erin in an orange crop top that ties in the back with a thumbs up. Erin in a pink top that ties in the back with a thumbs down.

We’ve been reporting a lot about the Disney dress code. A growing trend started last year with TikToker Amanda DiMeo encouraging Guests to “get a free Disney shirt” by violating Walt Disney World Resort’s dress code.

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Credit: Screenshot via Amanda DiMeo TikTok

While Disney doesn’t guarantee Guests a free shirt, many Guests who wore clothing that went against Disney’s code reported benefiting from a similar magical moment. However, in May, Guests who didn’t intentionally violate the dress code said that Disney Parks were no longer giving away free shirts. Disney Cast Members confirmed this in the comments of a few dress code TikToks, including one by @erinbill678.

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Erin was the second Guest we reported on to confirm the change in Disney’s dress code violation policy. She wore a tie-back shirt to Magic Kingdom in May:


And no I did not get a free shirt! #disney #disneydresscode #LENOVOJUSTBEYOU #10MillionAdoptions

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In a follow-up video, Erin clarified that she wasn’t trying to get dress-coded and had repeatedly worn this specific top to the Parks. A Cast Member reportedly told Erin that any top that can become untied isn’t allowed. Erin expressed confusion since ties are not explicitly mentioned in the Walt Disney World dress code, which reads:

Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. The parks are a casual, family-oriented environment. Ensuring that the parks are family-friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense.

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Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Inappropriate Attire

Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests. Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  • Costumes and costume masks, which may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older.


  1. Specific Halloween and Christmas events. See below.
  2. Some outfits inspired by Star Wars. 
  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  • Excessively torn clothing
  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  • Clothing that touches or drags on the ground
  • Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search upon entry
  • Objectionable tattoos
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Credit: Disney Chase VISA

However, this week, Erin revisited Magic Kingdom in a similar tie-back top and wasn’t stopped. She shared this video of herself, noting that she didn’t get “dress-coded” by Cast Members:


Replying to @❤️ Didn’t get dresscoded this time around! #disneydresscode #disney #disneyworld #DoritosDareToBeBurned #OLAFLEX

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Other Guests have shamed Disney for not forcing men wearing obscene and vulgar shirts at Disneyland Resort, Disney Springs, and other Disney properties to change, calling it a double standard.

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Walt Disney World keeps its definition of “inappropriate” vague, so it’s up to the Cast Members at Park entry’s discretion to decide if clothing meets the dress code requirements. It’s best to choose another clothing item if you’re unsure about your outfit!

Do you think Walt Disney World is inconsistent in policing its dress code? 

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