More Details Released For New Coaster at California Theme Park

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More details about a thrilling new coaster coming soon to a massive California theme park have been released, and we can’t wait to ride it.

Amid the constant race for the most thrilling attractions, the best entertainment offerings, the most popular events, and even the best dining options for Guests, SeaWorld has recently made significant developments to earn one of the top spots among the different theme parks across the country.

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Credit: SeaWorld

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This year, SeaWorld Orlando received four prizes in the USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards, including Best Theme Park, Best New Attraction with Ice Breaker, Best Outdoor Water Park, and the second spot for Best Roller Coaster with Mako. However, another SeaWorld Park was recently caught receiving track segments and support pillars for a new thrilling roller coaster, or as the Park’s social media team likes to call it, a new “landscaping project.”

Last month, SeaWorld San Diego received the pieces mentioned above, which will be used in a new family coaster that will reportedly give Guests the chance to live a thrilling adventure through the arctic tundra without ever leaving sunny Southern California. At the time, not much information was known regarding this new project, but a recent meeting of the California Coastal Commission revealed some key details regarding the coming attraction.

SeaWorld San Diego entrance
Credit: SeaWorld

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As proposed, the coaster will have a 30-foot-or-less design, suggesting a ride that will be more accessible to the whole family, as opposed to Emperor, which opened earlier this year and is aimed at “big kids.” The Park’s Coastal Commission application says the ride will be colored gray and blue to “aid the structure in blending into the surrounding sky.” The ride’s lighting will similarly minimize its impact on the surrounding area by remaining below the 30-foot height limit and not casting light upward, the Park says.

“While the addition of a thrill ride and continued intensification of such rides within SeaWorld may increase ambient sound levels within the leasehold, SeaWorld has provided information that indicates no adverse impacts on captive marine animals are anticipated,” a staff recommendation reads.

While SeaWorld San Diego continues to keep most of the information, like the attraction’s official name and opening date, under wraps, a SeaWorld spokesperson told FOX 5 to expect a formal announcement “in the next few weeks.” Inside the Magic will continue to report on this ambitious new project as more information is released.

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