Guest Claims Disney Bus “Stank” and Drivers Were “Incredibly Rude”

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Walt Disney World offers multiple transportation options to Guests so that they can easily get to and from the Disney Parks without stress or hassle. Guests have the choice of taking the Disney bus system, the Monorail, a boat, or the newest mode of transportation, the Disney Skyliner, depending on where your preferred destination is.

As of late, Disney World is sending out charter buses on top of the iconic Walt Disney World Resort-themed buses.

Disney World Busses
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On a recent trip to Disney World, one Guest boarded a charter bus on more than one occasion, which they say was not a great experience.

“A couple times we had to take a charter bus to/from Magic Kingdom. I’ll be honest, I hated it,” they said. “Both times, the driver was rather rude, the buses stank and there were car freshener trees hanging all along the bag storage above the seats.”

disney bus
Credit: Inside the Magic

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On another occasion, the Guest said their experience was similar to the first. “The second time we took one, the driver was being incredibly rude with a Cast Member bus driver (the CM was keeping their cool) simply because the charter bus driver parked further out than they should have, and the CM kindly asked him to move so she could pull out of her spot,” they explained.

The Guest continued, “It was quite uncomfortable to watch. Quite frankly it took me out of the magic for a while during the ride, so that was a bit of a bummer.”

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If you are ever upset or unsatisfied with an experience at Walt Disney World, be sure to tell a nearby Cast Member. Disney is also striving to ensure their Guests have a magical time and will be able to make the necessary adjustments moving forward.

Have you ever boarded a charter bus at Walt Disney World? Do you prefer the Walt Disney World-themed buses? Let us know in the comments below.

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