Hilary Duff “Embarrassed” After “Horrifying” Flight With Her Daughter

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hilary duff and daughter on flight

Lizzie McGuire and Younger star, Hilary Duff, is speaking out about a recent flight that was completely “horrifying” because of her 12-month-old, Mae “MaeMae” James Bair’s screaming.

hilary duff and daughters
Credit: Hilary Duff Instagram

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Duff recently vacationed in Hawaii with her husband Matthew Koma, her son Luca Comrie, 10, and her daughters Banks Violet Bair, 3, and 12-month-old Mae “MaeMae” James Bair, but on the flight back home, her youngest did not exactly cooperate.

“Guys, I’ve never been more embarrassed in my entire life than being on a plane with MaeMae,” Duff said on her Instagram Story. “She was the naughtiest baby—and before I hear all the comments, about like, ‘Oh, it’s her ears or her teeth.’ No. Nope. She was perfectly fine. But she has found this new level of volume when she screams.”

hilary duff and daughter on flight
Credit: Hilary Duff/Instagram

“It’s so loud and it goes on for so long and it’s truly wild, like a caged animal,” she continued. “And it happened for probably four out of the five and a half hours it takes to fly to Hawaii from L.A. It was unhinged. We were freaking out. There was nothing we could do. Everyone hated us for sure.”

Duff went on to explain:

“She’s also super attached to me right now, so the first flight, I held her the entire time, and she wasn’t unhappy, she was just loud. Loud loud loud.

She was so loud, the man sitting across the aisle from me, I was like, ‘I’m so sorry. I feel awful. There’s nothing we can do. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry. He wouldn’t even look at me, you guys, he just went like this [simulates a loud sigh]. God, I’m never going to unsee it. It was horrifying.”

Luckily, Mae did fall asleep… but only for 20 minutes, on a 5.5 hour flight.

hilary duff and daughter on flight
Credit: Hilary Duff/Instagram

Duff is currently involved in the new How I Met Your Mother spinoff, How I Met Your Fatherwhich is currently streaming on Hulu. She previously starred as Lizzie McGuire in Disney Channel’s hit television series, Lizzie McGuire from 2011-2004 and in The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2003.

Duff was also involved in the later canceled Lizzie McGuire reboot, which was supposed to star the original cast of the Disney Channel show, including Hallie Todd (Jo McGuire/Lizzie’s Mom)Robert Carradine (Sam McGuire/Lizzie’s Dad), and Jake Thomas (Matt McGuire/Lizzie’s brother), Adam Lamberg (Gordo) and, of course, animated Lizzie. The reboot was canceled as, according to Duff, “the stars just didn’t align.” 

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