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hilary duff and daughter on flight


  1. Jaelyn

    Our pediatrician recommended bringing some baby-safe OTC meds that have a sedative quality (i.e. nightime cough syrup, benadryl, etc)…”just in case” after I expressed my concern about flying with a hyperactive, fussy toddler.

    She assured me that resorting to such measures “once in a while” is perfectly safe and acceptable, especially when in a situation where I don’t have the ability to get up and leave, and my child’s behavior is having a significantly detrimental impact on those around me…most especially of late when tensions are high, tempers are short, and people have become quite unhinged on flights with far less provocation than a child screaming while everyone is essentially trapped in a pressurized tube in the sky.

  2. Jim

    It is stressful for the parents and disturbing for the passengers but everyone understands it is a baby. My advice “Hilary don’t sweat it”.

  3. John

    Can’t they put the screaming baby in the overhead compartment for a few hours? They put small pets and animals up there too.

  4. gjd

    You are not alone! As a parent who traveled alone years ago with a 3 year old and 1 year old, the 1 year old screamed for 2 and a half hours. We tried everything. The flight attendant even tired to console her but no luck. It is the a horrifying experience and no one can blame you or your child…it just happens!

  5. Susie

    At least they didn’t lock you in the bathroom!
    When my son was about 14months old and 1st time flight from Pittsburgh to Florida. About half an hour into flight he started. I tried everything. Nothing worked. Flight attendant said they had complaints and I had to take him into the bathroom. I was in there for over half an hour and he finally fell asleep in my arms. And it was time to land. We were both red and drenched in sweat. They opened the door and I said do you really want me to sit down. We landed with me staninding in the back my son sound asleep on my arms and surrounded by 6 attendants so I wouldn’t fall. I wanted to kick them all in their throats for being so callous and inconsiderate!

    1. Jerry

      Hey, no one is forcing anyone to have kids here. Its your decision and you must ultimately bear the consequences. My advice to parents with young kids is to evaluate if they REALLY need to travel on that plane. Travel by car, leave your kid with a close relative, or dont travel. If traveling and vacations are that important to you, its really something you should consider before having a kid.

      1. Jan

        Jerry spoken like a true non parent! You have lots of advise but you obviously never been in this situation! Back in 1956, (on propeller planes), my poor mom had to travel from Kansas City, to Baghdad, Iraq alone with a 3 yr and a 6 month old. (Dad was transferred for his job). Back then she had 6 plane changes and up and downs to different airports. My sister was the 6 month old and was teething. one flight was 5 hours going over Greenland and everyone on the plane was willing to help my mom hold and rock my sis! At one Airport they let mom go first off the plane and a man helped her get us all off the plane and get to the next gate, another time they just stopped to refuel the plane and the fight attendant offered to watch my sister so mom could take me to get something to eat. back then people were more understanding and willing to help out instead of just filming a situation for 15 minutes of fame!

      2. Connie

        My feelings exactly Jerry

      3. Vicky

        Yup! I won’t even fly on a plane if I see a small child on board.

        1. Laura

          Trust me, we’re just as happy to not be flying with people like you, as you are to not be flying with children.

        2. Susie-Q

          LIAR. There is no way with the way airports and planes operate now that you would take the chance of cancelling a flight and hoping to get on another flight because of a child. I’ve worked in the industry.

      4. Laura

        Parents should not feel obligated to put their lives and plans on hold once they have children. Parents have wants and needs and lives, just like you do. Children also should not have to be left out of vacations and family experiences just because people like you do not like them around. Parents are humans. Children are humans. They both deserve the same opportunities as you. And no parent should feel obligated to alter their plans or lives for people like you.

        1. Dawn

          As a parent, I would NEVER subject others to my child’s screaming. I also waited until he was older to take him on a flight or even a vacation. It’s rude to force everyone else to listen to it. Vacations or even trips to Disneyland are only for the parents if the child is under the age of 5. Kids won’t remember them and are usually cranky because they are out of their comfort/safe zone. The outside noises/people can cause them too much stress and overload their senses.

  6. Ren

    Might wanna check the dates that Lizzie aired. Did the show time travel from 2011 to 2004?

  7. Laura Newcomer

    As a frequent solo business flier for more than 40 years I would offer this tip to all those who don’t like sharing an airplane w noisy babies.
    Expect to fly with noisy babies when you fly commercial and take some self-responsibility rather than expecting the rest of the world to keep you happy.
    Get yourself some good noise-reduction ear phones and listen to movies or music…or pay for your own private jet.

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