Barefoot Guest Causes Disgust at Iconic Disney Water Ride

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“it’s a small world” is perhaps one of the most popular attractions Guests can visit at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The iconic ride features hundreds of dolls with outfits from all around the world that sing and dance to the song of the same name, “it’s a small world.”

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Like Pirates of the Caribbean and other water attractions at Disneyland, the water at “it’s a small world” gets its signature scent thanks to a particular chemical Disney adds. Bromine is better at killing bacteria than chlorine, safer when it comes in contact with skin and clothing, and has a smell much different from any other you would find in your everyday life, like pools. This is also used to create a strong connection to the attractions in Guests’ memories, as the sense of smell is strongly tied to memory.

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Also, much like Pirates of the Caribbean, “it’s a small world” is a pretty problematic attraction, as Guests often are unable to refrain from sticking their hands and legs into the water of the attractions, which is not only against the clear announcements made when Guests are dispatched into the attraction but is also extremely dangerous.

"it's a small world"
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Twitter user Bello Kevy (@BelloKevy) recently shared a video in which a Guest can be seen barefoot aboard an “it’s a small world” boat, which is already not a very nice view, only to stick his leg out of the boat and dip his foot into the water of the attraction. Kevy commented he couldn’t believe people were stupid enough to post this online.

You can see the video down below:

I can’t believe people are stupid enough to post things like this online!

The video caused disgust amongst viewers, both because of his actions and what could be seen in it, as some stated the Guest’s feet weren’t the cleanest.

Most viewers pointed the actions of this Guest had not only been gross but had also been dangerous. Twitter user Hollywood Notary (@HollywoodNotary) shared a similar story he witnessed, in which a kid put his hand into the water and got it crushed between the wall and the boat.

I remember a kid from 3rd grade named Steven who put his hand into the water on that ride, to splash water on his cousin, and he got his hand crushed between the wall and the boat. His hand was bandaged up for weeks.

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This isn’t the only incident in this attraction, as there have been reports of Guests attempting to spread the ashes of their loved ones in the waters of “it’s a small world,” as well as in Pirates of the Caribbean and even the Haunted Mansion.

pirates of the caribbean skeleton and treasure scene
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We urge Guests to be aware of the rules and regulations that Disneyland sets out before arriving, as breaking them could result in being kicked off property, banned for life, or in some instances, being arrested.

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