Guests Angry After Enduring “Booing, Heckling” During Political Disney Show

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There are so many great experiences to partake in when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. From iconic attractions like Pirate of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion to fan-favorite shows and fireworks displays, Guests are always in for a magical time. However, some Guests have started to notice an issue occur in one of the Magic Kingdom’s most historic shows.

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The Hall of Presidents, located in Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom is a comprehensive look at American history and the presidents who lead the country. The show lets Guests witness a grand display of all presidents, with the most recent addition being 46th President Joe Biden.

Hall of Presidents at magic kingdom
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Because of the political nature of the show, however, some Guests experience heckling, cheering, and general interruptions to the show. We recently covered an example of this where Guests cheered after former President Donald Trump was announced at the attraction, leaving a Cast Member in charge of quitting down the crowd.

hall of presidents
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A recent post on social media highlighted how frustrated some Guests are that interruptions like this can happen. See the full post from u/Compy385 below:

Hall of Presidents – Magic Kingdom

This is a very educational and cool experience. Lots of historical value and technical demonstration on display here. Compliance is an amazing technology for animatronics!! I’m often curious what Disney will do with the place when the floor on the stage runs out of room for figures. The whole show is fun to watch.

Except when politics seeps in and ruins it. Usually when the current/most recent Presidents are introduced. Then the competing applause and comment-shouting matches start. Anyone else experience this at this attraction?

Hall of Presidents – Magic Kingdom from WaltDisneyWorld

User u/Adventurer_By_Trade commented:

I’m just frustrated that the heckling/bad behavior of some guests has ruined how the attraction is now presented. The Presidents used to have a short speech that represented their vision and personality. That seems to have ended with the 45th President. Now, the current one just reads the Oath of Office, and passes the (figurative) mic to Washington. It’s like they wanted to make the attraction even less entertaining

User u/Haidian-District said:

Isn’t the fact that HOP posts turn into a **** show every time proof positive that it’s time for HOP to go?

User u/ghbishop stated their solution to the problem:

The producers could fix this by eliminating the pauses during the audio. It’s like they left a gap so people could act out. It’s a simple fix. Very very simple.

User u/agreeingstorm9 discussed how this attraction has changed over the years:

I have to disagree with this. I think Walt wanted to honor leadership in America and the leader of the country is the President. Honestly, before politics became a bloodsport this was a completely non-controversial exhibit.

User u/Mjb06 talked about how bad their experience has been:

I went in September. Everything was fine until they got to Trump, and the crowd started cheering. When Biden was introduced, there were a lot of boos. And then people starting laughing when he recited the oath of office.

People can have their views, but this is Walt Disney World. Don’t bring your opinions in.

While this isn’t the most pressing issue facing the Walt Disney World Resort at the moment it is sad that Guests’ experiences can be tarnished due to crowds who may choose to interrupt the show. Guests are always encouraged to stay silent and put away all phones and devices before any show starts at Walt Disney World.

hall of presidents
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More on The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom below:

In the Presence of the Presidents

Take your seat in the stately theater, home to 3 massive digital projection screens and a grand proscenium. Watch an original film—developed by a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian—that tells the dramatic story of the nation’s founding.

Learn about the formation of our Constitution and the hard-fought struggles along the way—such as the American Revolution and the Civil War. Listen to the stirring words of John F. Kennedy echo through the theater and watch Abraham Lincoln—in attendance on stage—deliver his Gettysburg address.

The Presidents Will See You Now
Watch the curtain rise to reveal startlingly realistic Audio-Animatronics replicas of every President of the United States—together for the very first time. Hear a speech delivered by George Washington and a recorded performance of the oath of office by the newest addition to the Hall, 46th President Joe Biden.

Wondering why there are 45 and not 46 figures onstage? Because Grover Cleveland served 2 non-consecutive terms as both the 22nd and 24th president.

Creating the Presidents

Originally conceived as animated wax figures, the Presidents didn’t meet Walt Disney’s approval, so he tasked Walt Disney Imagineering to develop the first Audio-Animatronics figure in human form.

The result was the groundbreaking Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, which debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. The Hall of Presidents built upon the show’s legacy—expanding it to all Presidents—when it opened in 1971.

walt disney world railroad
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Have you ever experienced an interruption while inside the Hall of Presidents?

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