Guests Criticize New “Overpriced” Disney Restaurant, “Expensive Elevator Ride”

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View of Earth

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In space, no one can hear you complain

There are an insane amount of choices when it comes to food at the Walt Disney World Resort. Whether it’s lunch in the Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom or trying weird alien food at Satu’li Canteen in Pandora – The World of Avatar in Animal Kingdom, Disney Guests are pretty spoiled when it comes to exciting and delicious food experiences in the Disney Parks. One restaurant however is getting some strong feedback from Guests who think it is too expensive and not worth the overall price.

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A recent Reddit thread has gained a lot of attraction after a user stated their opinions on EPCOT’s new Space 220 restaurant. See the full thread below:

It’s been a little over a month since we went to Epcot and ate at Space 220. I was super excited that we were able to get last minute reservations for dinner as my kids love space. Sadly it was an extreme disappointment and all I have been able to think about since we left is that it’s just a grossly overpriced elevator ride.

I’m sure this had something to do with our seating location. We were put in the table all the way in the corner right next to the screen on the lower tier. As soon as I sat down I realized all I would be looking at is the mop and entryway to the kitchen the whole meal. Despite there being plenty of tables elsewhere we were told they could not move us.

Food was meh – definitely not worth the $270 we ended up spending for two adults and two kids. I was regretting the meal before we even finished the appetizers. And sadly, even though we had a great three day trip in WDW, the Space 220 experience comes popping up in my head.

Recommendation: sit at the bar and enjoy the experience but don’t waste your money on the fixed menu…

Edit: So apparently it’s not an elevator, just an elaborate entry. I’m embarrassed and impressed but still very disappointed. Well played Disney, well played.

Space 220 is an expensive elevator ride from WaltDisneyWorld

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Many users flooded the comments with claims of the restaurant being too “expensive” and “overpriced”. User u/Stuck_in_a_depot said:

The price is not justified. The experience alone doesn’t justify the price. The food alone doesn’t justify the price. Together, they don’t justify the price. I don’t mind paying for a good meal. I don’t mind paying for a fun experience. This offered mediocre food, and a bland, forgettable experience. The opportunity is/was there, but they fell well short of what they are billing it as.

User u/Buybch shared their thoughts:

Totally agree with OP’s sentiments. The whole time I felt it was missing something fun. I kind of have to wonder if they stole all the good ideas for the Starcruiser hotel.

Space 220
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User u/Dontalay claimed to be a Disney Cast Member shared similar sentiments:

CM here and got to check out Space 220 last week. Definitely was an expensive meal even with my discount. Cool experience, but definitely not gonna go out of my way to get a reservation there again, especially considering how many good alternatives are in EPCOT.

User u/CrosbyOwnsOvie commented:

Same with us. My wife and I were the first reservation of the day on our departure day. We were put in a 2 seater away from the action. The food was good, not great, and way overpriced. I’m glad we can say we did it, but we are likely one and done.

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space 220
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The food options at Space 220 range from steak, chicken, duck, and salmon and also include some fun and inventive dessert options like carrot cake, cheesecake, or flavored sherbert. Prices for lunch at Space 220 start at $55.00 per adult, which includes a choice of one appetizer and one entree. Dinner prices give Guests the same options for $79.00 per adult. Find out more about Space 220 here.

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More on Space 220 at Disney’s EPCOT:

A Stellar Adventure

Embark on the ultimate culinary exploration from this new expansion of the Mission: SPACE Pavilion.

Step inside Space 220 Restaurant—featuring a celestial panorama from a space station—for a delicious meal. To begin your journey, board a special space elevator that will ascend to the stars! Along the way, viewports will give you an aerial view of EPCOT as you travel high above the planet. As you dine, peer out and enjoy amazing daytime and nighttime views of Earth from 220 miles up.

space 220
Credit: Inside the Magic

Out-of-This-World Dining

Sit down to a prix-fixe, 2-course meal at lunch or a prix-fixe, 3-course meal at dinner—both featuring modern American cuisine.

Start with your choice of appetizer, like Space Greens or Blue Moon Cauliflower. For your main course, choose from delicious options like the Bluehouse Salmon. After dinner, delight in a sweet send-off when you order the Lemon Mousse or Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake for dessert.

Specialty beverages––like the Celestial Cosmopolitan or the Planetary Punch––are also available, along with a wide selection of craft beer.

Have you tried Disney’s new Space 220 restaurant in EPCOT? What did you think? Where’s your favorite place to eat at Disney World? Let us know!

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