Guests Disappointed With Disney Merch, Has “Lost All Quality Control”

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While visiting Walt Disney World, there is much to do, like riding rides, eating at delicious restaurants, and enjoying fantastic entertainment. From the Haunted Mansion to Space Mountain to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Shopping is another great way to spend time at the Disney Resorts; with incredible stores throughout the Parks and Disney Springs, many Guests notice a drop in the quality of merchandise at the Walt Disney Resort.

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Many Guests are noticing a drop in the quality of Disney merch and the Disney experience in general. From the controversial Disney Genie and Lightning Lane systems to lackluster merchandise, it seems that the Disney experience may be on a decline. A recent Reddit thread talked about these issues; see the full post below from u/BiteRhodeIslamd:

Disney Has Lost All Quality Control

Disney Has Lost All Quality Control
by u/BiteRhodeIsland in WaltDisneyWorld

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User  u/boxdude commented:

I usually defend Disney, but I am beginning to be convinced they have an issue with the merchandise division. Anectdotally, It feels like something has slipped and your experience is just one of several we are hearing about. I wonder if the pandemic and the layoffs that came with it are the major drivers of that.

User u/Aristophan said:

I feel like something started slipping before that. There is such a sharp change in quality in the ears – right about at the release of the “Briar rose gold” ones (not the original all-sequin ones, but the ones still available now).

User u/oscarjoserodrigo asked if something like this was worthy of a discount:

Eesh… Did you show that to someone? That’s at least worthy of a discount.

User u/Minnienurse said:

When I went in December, I shopped around for some 50th anniversary memorabilia to bring home, but I left each store empty handed. Not impressed at all.

User u/ChrisC1234 talked about how disappointing the 50th-anniversary merch was:

I was there in November. You’re right about none of the 50th anniversary stuff being “wow”. The only stuff that I ended up buying were some 50th magnets (I at least wanted SOMETHING), and a bunch of the 50th anniversary reproduction stuff.

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Many in the thread talked about how these issues might be attributed to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus has affected all Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide, with Hong Kong Disneyland announcing an at least two-week closure. Disneyland Pairs was forced to cancel its New Year’s Eve party, and many wonder if the U.S. Parks are next on the list for closure.

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This issue is demonstrated further when looking at the merch in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Recently, Disney Guests and Star Wars fans have been livid at what Disney has done to its Star Wars-themed merchandise. Currently, Disney is no longer giving out carrying cases for its lightsabers or buildable droids as advertised on the store page, instead opting for cheap plastic bags.

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Another issue being brought up by Guests is portion sizes and less appealing food across the Walt Disney World property. Many Guests report smaller meal sizes and less satisfying snacks, attributing this to either COVID-19 or a general lack of care from Disney. Many Guests blame these issues on Bob Chapek, the controversial new Disney CEO who took over the company in early 2020. Many Guests see Chapek as a money-focused and budget-cutting businessman more than a creative visionary to lead the Disney Parks.

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Have you noticed a drop in the quality of Disney merchandise? Why do you think this is happening? Let us know in the comments below!

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