Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek Petition Becomes One of the “Top Signed” on Website

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Bob Chapek

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The petition asking Disney to fire the current CEO, Bob Chapek, has now officially become one of the top signed petitions on the website, surpassing 75,000 signatures.

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In early 2020, Bob Chapek took on the role of CEO of the Walt Disney Company after Bob Iger stepped down in early 2020. Prior to becoming CEO, Chapek was the Chairman of Parks and Resorts for Disney.

Chapek has been CEO during the ongoing pandemic and has made difficult decisions throughout this last year and a half, including budget cuts and layoffs. Some of the decisions that the Walt Disney Company has made with Chapek in the CEO role include the layoffs of thousands of Cast Members after the Parks shutdown due to the ongoing pandemic and the launch of Disney Genie, including the new paid FastPass system, Lightning Lane.

Many feel as though Bob Chapek is not taking the company in the appropriate direction, and therefore, a petition was created (by an anonymous user) and has gained the attention of many Disney fans worldwide.

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The petition, in part, reads:

Bob Chapek became the Chairman of Parks and Resorts for Disney in 2015. He has consistently made decisions that decrease the quality of what is put into the parks, and also ones that favor using Intellectual properties instead of original attractions. He consistently put himself and money above the product, and quality of the company.

Just a few days ago, we reported that the petition was just a few thousand signatures away from hitting this milestone, and when we checked this morning, the petition has officially surpassed 75,000 signatures, now having a new goal of 150,000 signatures.

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The petition also makes mention of the current Chairman of Parks and Resorts a Disney, Josh D’Amaro, and how he has been very involved in the Parks, “assuring quality, greeting Guests, and even riding through new attractions to assure high quality”, suggesting D’Amaro could be a good replacement for Chapek.

The petition now has nearly 76,000 signatures. You can view the petition here.

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