Comments for Fire Disney CEO Bob Chapek Petition Becomes One of the “Top Signed” on Website

Bob Chapek

Credit: Disney


  1. Terry

    Down with the magic killer fire Bob paycheck change.org

  2. Otter

    You can tell just by looking at this man that he’s a slimeball. I get angry just looking at him.

  3. R

    List ALL your reasons for wanting him fired and then post them and the petitions address/site on ALL YOUR social media sites, asking ALL YOUR contacts to sign it. If everyone does that you will have a million in no time. Just saying.

  4. Jacqueline marie hasko

    Sadly, the impact won’t be felt until it affects the company financially. I hear people are paying for the genie+. That can’t happen if you are signing a petition to fire the guy who implemented it. Get that petition to a million signatures, and I think it will be helpful, don’t pay for the genie+ and make an impact on the botton line, that will make a bigger impact.

  5. Dland

    People are so Gullible. NOTHINGS GOING TO HAPPEN TO HIM just because of a petition 🤣🤣🤣 These petition have no pull or impact on these prominent people. He’s laughing all the way to the bank 🏦
    People are like sheep. They’ll Fallow the sheep in front of them, even if they’re ALL going straight off a cliff & that’s Exactly what’s happening with Everybody STILL PAYING & GOING TO THESE PARKS. Nobody wants to take a stand and STOP PAYING FOR THESE RIDICULOUS PRICES, so of course NOTHINGS GOING TO CHANGE. The prices will KEEP GOING UP UP UP.

    1. Price

      Unfortunately yes, this petition will do nothing, people will still go to the parks, people are so retarded :’(

  6. JN

    Mr. Chapek won’t even acknowledge the petition or care.

    Meanwhile over at the parking lot tram area…

    I highly suggest Bob Chapek apply over the the job fair for Six Flags. He is indeed qualified.

  7. JulIa

    I’m guessing most of this petition is signed by former Disneyland APs now Magic Keyholders who just want to whine and stop their feet. The entitlement is real.

    1. Kelly Connerton

      Seriously? That’s what you really think? I have read many articles and a couple books about Walt Disney and know enough to say that this guy is taking the brand in a direction that Disney would be ashamed of. Going to Disney is becoming out of reach for families with the ticket pricing then genie + and finally an additional charge for certain rides. Couple that with rising food prices, ( admittedly, out of Disney’s control) loss of perks you used to get with an annual pass ( which has also gone up a couple hundred dollars). It’s not an entitled attitude it’s recognizing when a company changes in a negative way. But I bet you felt so self righteous to use the word entitled.

  8. jo

    Instead of a petition or along with the petition, people need to stop going to Disney World. If revenue is down, Chapek is out. Board does not care about 75,000 signatures. They, like Chapek, only care about money. Not fans/people…. MONEY. Stop spending your money at Disney World and then they may have firing action.

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