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Vigo the Carpathian's painting in 'Ghostbusters II'

Credit: Sony Pictures


  1. Jeremy

    Afterlife > GB 2
    Just saying…

    1. Steve

      This. GB2 is great but Afterlife is just brilliant. The perfect balance of old and new, I just hope the inevitable sequel(s) continue with the new cast especially McKenna Grace.

      Also, I disagree with this article on 1 more point, Afterlife does a great job of furthering the lore.

      1. Chris

        Ghostbusters: Answer the Call doesn’t even deserve to be in the list. It’s like they blended the worst type of Ghostbusters reboot with Scooby Doo. Afterlife deserves 2nd spot.

      2. Packsman12

        I think that the newest ghost busters should be last

    2. Kris

      Agree. Afterlife adds more depth to the villains of the original without needing to rehash the whole scenario like it’s the first time anyone heard of it. it’s an origin story for the new cast without being a total origin story but rather building on what people already know. that’s why it works.

  2. WZ

    I think all of us would like to forget 2016 Ghostbusters ever happened

    1. TG

      2016 was much better than Afterlife…

      1. Steve

        Except for the part where it just plainly isnt.

      2. Maccy Dee

        2016 was nowhere near as good as Afterlife. It’s just a 90 minute SNL sketch except without any good jokes. If the cast had actually followed a script instead of ad libbing for the entire movie it would have been much funnier.

      3. Dave

        Imagine thinking this was true lol

      4. Kris

        Except for the whole movie itself. That movie is a train wreck CGI puke fest. I dont mind the all female leads, I enjoy them. the story and the CGI love is too much for me. it’s a hot stinking pile of garbage.

      5. Amy

        This is the correct order. I love all of the movies TBH, even ATC, but the order here is def. correct.

  3. T-Train

    Ghostbusters II is bad, really bad.
    1. Ghostbusters
    2. Ghostbusters After Life
    3. Ghostbusters Answer the Call
    4. Any animated Ghostbusters
    9. Ghostbusters II

    1. Maccy Dee

      Anyone who puts GB 2016 above GB II isn’t a GB fan. GB 2016 goes out of its way to mock the GB franchise and it’s cast. GBII isn’t perfect but it does respect the franchise and it’s cast. And Viggo is a good villian, if a bit under utilised.

    2. John

      I didn’t like GB2 growing up and I’m pretty sure I was the target audience (11 years old). To me Afterlife takes 2nd. Our whole family went and have watched it multiple times since. Nostalgia for me, Paul Rudd for my wife (ok, me too) and plain enjoyment for the kids. I will not say the reboot was better than 2. I think that’s just sacrilege. But I’ve also gained a new perspective… My kids. They love GB2 and my appreciation for it has grown. So I have 1. GB, 2. Afterlife 3. GB2 and 4. The cartoons.

    3. Ray

      Oh, T-Train. How embarrassing for you.

      The original list from the author is correct. Answer the Call is bad by any film standard, not just as part of the GB franchise.

      GB2 is fun. The tone is a bit shaky for the first 3rd of the film, but then it settles in and recovers a lot of the whimsical charm from 1.

  4. Scott M

    Home Alone 2 superior to the original??? Show me someone who says that, and I’ll show you someone who complains that movie critics are “always wrong”. It’s the same plot, the same characters and character archetypes, but it’s shifted to New York, and everything’s just bumped up a notch in dopeyness. Culkin’s lack of acting ability became much more prominent as puberty started to kick in (as the cuteness factor waned), making the duplicated scenes ring hollow. Any sentiment left over from the first film is abandoned immediately, and we don’t even get John Candy! Home Alone is a near-perfect family comedy; HA2 is a mere shadow of the original.

    GB2, on the other hand, failed in a lot of ways, but as pointed out in the article, at least it tried to be different.

    1. Robert

      Ok Home Alone 2 is superior to the first

    2. Dave

      Go watch the good son
      and American horror story and then question Macaulay culkin’s acting ability and range. It’s okay to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about, which clearly you do not.

    3. Mark

      My friend Lewis says Home Alone 2 is far superior but then I put that down to the fact he is a huge Tim Curry Fan

  5. Robert

    Ghostbusters: Answer the Call isn’t CANON how is it on this list the 4 movie’s are as followed GB 84, GB2 89, GB TVG 91 & GB AL 22

  6. Philip Lane

    All I say is that yes afterlife was a nice tribute to Ramos the while film was a totally wasted opportunity. If we wanted to go down memory lane we would have simply watched the original. Only good thing about afterlife was the Cameo from the guys at the end really. Shame.

  7. Dan

    2016 took me three attempts to even finish it. And that was only because I had nothing else to watch. I took a poop earlier, about 20 minutes ago, and I was more entertained by the sound of my log hitting the water than I was watching that movie for its pathetic duration. There was just nothing funny about it… Which is almost an amazing result, considering that there were some funny people cast in it

    1. Barney

      “log hitting the water…” Will test that when I get home.

  8. Tim

    Finally somebody else noticed that the original movie, whilst funny, wasn’t actually played for laughs. It’s more of a light-hearted sci-fi than a flat-out comedy. The humour comes from the natural chemistry between the cast.

    GB 2016 completely misunderstood the tone of the original. The over-the-top sketch comedy felt forced and just wasn’t funny.

  9. DLand

    I liked them ALL. They were ALL GOOD. The last one made me cry when they did there homage to Harold Rambus. It was done in such great taste to him. As a “Ghostbusters” Lover here from the very beginning back in the 80’s, each movie was very unique, even the girls one, but I really enjoyed the last one. Saw it the first day it came out in the AMC’s & I Loved it. The kids taking over where the adults left off at were great. I hope they keep moving forward with these great group of young actors 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

    1. Packsman12

      I agree🎉🎉🎉👍😀dland

  10. James Bailey

    Completely agree with this order although I’d prefer to wipe the reboot from existence just like the star wars sequel trilogy lol

    I love home alone 1 and 2 and always watch them close to Christmas and I find myself enjoying home alone 2 more it’s just down to preference just like everything lol

    A great read Daniel Roberts 👍

  11. Packsman12

    I think that the newest ghost busters should be last

  12. M

    That 2016 crap movie doesn’t even exist.

  13. It’s interesting that this writer doesn’t know what an Easter egg is, in something. It’s not supposed to be obvious to everyone.

    Not knowing what anything is, might explain their complaints about Afterlife.

  14. Angst

    Whoever wrote this review needs to be tied up by their thumbs and publicly lashed Afterlife should be ranked second. Best, I don’t know and what universe that you don’t think that Paul read wasn’t his normal humorous self. That adds just the special sort of cynicism to comedy. That makes everything fun. It had a perfect balance of tying all the elements from all of the other ones together and cameos by every person that was in it. So everybody’s entitled to your opinion, but like an a****** it stinks.

  15. Wm

    Afterlife was better than gb2 and answer the call shouldn’t even make the list

  16. Phil

    There are only 3 Ghostbusters movies. Period.

  17. Liam

    As 99+% of people last and first place is obvious. It’s middle two that get mixed up. I would probs put afterlife very slightly ahead of 2,but can see others going the other way. My main issue with article is saying that afterlife doesn’t add to lore, when it 100% does, just using the same antagonists from original.

  18. Ben

    My list would be pretty much the same.

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