Fans Band Together as Video of Social Media Star Bullying a Child at Disney Goes Viral

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When Guests visit Disney World, they typically visit so that they can escape reality and enjoy the magic. Disney World creates a safe place where Guests of all ages can embrace the creativity and fantasy that each Park and land encompasses.

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When Guests enter Magic Kingdom, they will see a sign that reads: “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.” Guests who visit should never feel that their experience has been negatively impacted or judged by another, as Disney World is meant to be The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Recently, a video of a Brazilian social media star and singer had gone viral after he bullied a young Guest on the monorail, making fun of what appeared to be her wig when she dressed up as Boo. Although the video is from 2019, many Disney fans are finding it now and rallying together to put an end to the negativity and bullying.

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MMA fighter, Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren, recently took to Instagram to repost the video (@thebigpygmy) and share what is happening and why it is so terrible. Justin notes that this occurred at Disneyland, but it was likely a tiny mistake on his end; as we can see, these are Walt Disney World Resort monorails.

This is what bullying a child with cancer at disneyland looks like. For me, this was gut-wrenching and heartbreaking to watch. Please stay with me… Why am I posting it? It’s National #bullying prevention month. Hopefully this will encourage anyone who ever finds themselves as a bystander to do the right thing. I’ll put in the comments the most powerful thing you can do if you ever find yourself in this situation in real life.

This man in the goofy hat is an internet “celebrity” from Brazil. He has 7.8 million followers. He has became “famous” after creating controversy after controversy in Brazilian media, some of which, were also at amusement parks.

In the video he whistles to get her attention, zooms in, and says, “It looks like a horror movie.” She is obviously wearing a wig, she is visibly uncomfortable. It’s disgusting to make fun of a child while your goonies laugh with you, but it’s in a whole other stratosphere to make fun of a child going thru the biggest fight of their life… And post it on the internet to millions.

I’ve spent time as an official volunteer at @childrenscolo hospital. I’ve been bedside before & after surgery of a girl this age with bone cancer. I’ve pushed children in their wheelchair. I’ve organized visits from MMA and UFC world champions to go room to room to encourage these little warriors that are more brave than anyone who’s ever stepped foot in the cage.

@mcgui now I’m talking to you. This girl is brave. Your actions were one of a coward. I know this happened in 2019. I know your first public statement included, “I have no need to explain myself.” Since then you’ve been playing the victim making it about your career. However, your popularity has continued to grow. It’s time for a real apology, without excuses. Hurt people hurt people, but it doesn’t excuse your actions and history. This was unnecessary, unkind and uncalled for. One action you could take is donating to a Brazilian bullying prevention nonprofit, but even better, would be finding a way to do something kind for this young girl, or someone else who has been thru something similar. The ball is in your court, and remember, don’t ruin your apology with an excuse.

Of course, we cannot be sure if the young Guest was or still is undergoing any sickness, but we can tell that she is wearing a wig, and after being whistled and laughed at, goes in to adjust it slightly. The comments on the video are full of absolute disgust at the behavior that was displayed. On top of that, some Disney fans are flooding the comments trying to find out who the young girl is so that they can send her something special after going through such a negative experience.

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For example, Jake_Kolt commented:

If anyone knows who the child is or her family I would like to send her a gift. I know this was a few years ago but that doesn’t matter

And that is one of many commenters who are looking to turn this horrible situation of bullying into a positive experience of coming together and supporting those around us. On Reddit, the video has gone viral as well, with the same reaction of Guests and fans horrified at the behavior seen. Some fans are even calling on Disney to make some extra magic for the young girl, even though the video is a couple of years old.

According to the Reddit thread, singer and social media star MC Gui has now had shows canceled due to this incident and others.

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As a viewer and Disney fan, I would hope that anyone who visits the magic knows that as Guests, we have the power to continue to sprinkle magic on others around us through our actions both in the Park and once we leave. If Mickey Mouse would disapprove of your behavior, you should probably rethink it!

How has another Guest positively impacted you while at Disney World or Disneyland? 



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