Baby News! New Addition Arrives at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

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Credit: @DisneyASE Facebook

Excuse us while we fill your screen with cuteness! Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge officially reopened to all Guests in August, and Disney fans have been enjoying the Resort ever since. With the return of favorites like the buffet at Boma – Flavors of Africa and incredible sips at Victoria Falls Lounge, it’s no wonder Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is the place to be. Now, the latest news coming out of the Walt Disney World Resort is too cute not to share. That’s right, welcome Disney’s new baby zebra!

animal kingdom lodge
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge (Credit: Disney)

Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment took to Facebook on October 28 to share photos and the sweet post, “BABY NEWS! We’re thrilled to share these adorable photos of Hartmann’s mountain zebra mom Zoey and her healthy female foal, born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.”

Credit: @DisneyASE Facebook

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Credit: @DisneyASE Facebook

The zebra foal post goes on to say, “Hartmann’s mountain zebras are classified as vulnerable, so this birth is exciting news for the species and our animal care team. Keep an eye out for this adorable pair at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge! You just might catch a glimpse of them nursing, bonding, and roaming around the Resort’s savanna.”

Credit: @DisneyASE Facebook

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Credit: @DisneyASE Facebook

This isn’t the only baby news Disney has shared. Not too long ago we saw a baby mandrill born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Even a cute baby rhino has recently joined the savanna!

To catch a peek at this new baby zebra, be sure to drop by a visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Even better… do your best to snag a savanna view room to experience special moments like waking up and looking out your balcony at all sorts of animal friends. Of course, after you check out this new baby zebra at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, head on over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park for the best of the best animal sightings on the Kilimanjaro Safaris attraction.

Have you ever spotted one of Disney’s newborns on a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge or Disney Park?

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