Enter Arendelle With ‘Frozen’ Construction Update 

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Artwork and construction workers at a construction site

Credit: Disney (left) @hkdlfantasy via Twitter (right)

Frozen is one of Walt Disney Studios most popular IPs with record-breaking box office sales and continued demand from Guests to have more Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven in their lives. Walt Disney World Resort Guests can row into the world of Arendelle at EPCOT on the highly popular Frozen Ever After ride, Hong Kong Disneyland has been planning something even bigger.

frozen ever after animatronics
Credit: Disney

At Hong Kong Disneyland, Arendelle: World of Frozen has been underway for some time. In this new area of the Disney park, Guests will be able to feel like they are really stepping into Arendelle and the world of a permafrost Frozen. One of the most anticipated attractions in the land is the new coaster, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs. Guests will get to visit Oaken’s shop, just as Anna did, and then go for a sleigh ride through the mountains!

Guests will also have the chance to experience snow and ice within Frozen Ever After, a ride similar to EPCOT’s version, at Hong Kong Disneyland! Previously, we reported that ride vehicles for the attraction were arriving in the park, but at that point, we were unsure how far along Disney was in the construction processes for the ride. But now, we have some updates!

Frozen Ever After, EPCOT
Credit: Brittany DiCologero

Thanks to a series of Tweets from HKDL Fantasy (@hkdlfantasy) we can see a variety of photos of the attraction as it progresses.

The first Tweet notes:

Good progress has been made to the mountain range of Arendelle. More rockwork steel beams have been installed, gradually covering the show building of “Frozen Ever After”.

At EPCOT, Frozen Ever After’s show building is disguised due to its position within the World Showcase. It cannot be seen by Guests unless they are backstage. At Hong Kong Disneyland, however, the snow capped mountains of Arendelle are being constructed to cover up a majority of the show building to keep sight lines clean and to also not break the immersion of the attraction and land as a whole.

It seems that Hong Kong Disneyland is even getting ready to start detailed work on some sections of the facade of the attraction.

The crest of Arendelle – the crocus, can be spotted above the entrance tunnels of “Arendelle: World of Frozen”.

Another installation has also been made to the facade of the attraction. The clock tower’s roof seems to have been made offsite and was brought in and installed onto the exterior of the attraction.

Prefabricated rooftop module for the clock tower of “Frozen Ever After” has arrived at “Arendelle: World of Frozen”.

Speaking of roofs, there was another roof installed in Arendelle, but it isn’t for the Frozen Ever After attraction. Tick Tock Toys and Collectibles, which sounds like a merchandise store for Guests to peruse when in the land, also has lots of work progressing as its roof has now also been successfully installed.

Construction of Arendelle has reached another milestone, as the first prefabricated roof module is installed on top of the building of “Tick Tock Toys and Collectibles”.

Within this construction update series, we did not get to see where the construction progress is at for Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, but considering the entire land is actively being worked on, likely, the new coaster attraction is as well.

Arendelle: World of Frozen
Credit: Disney

Stay tuned to Inside the Magic as we continue to track the ongoing progress of Arendelle: World of Frozen!

Both Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort are also getting Frozen-themed sections within the next few years, so fans of the franchise around the world have a lot to look forward to!

Do you plan on visiting Arendelle: World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland once it is complete? 

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