New Sony ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff Reportedly On the Way!

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A new Sony Spider-Man spinoff is reportedly in the works. Dusk – a relatively obscure character from the Spider-verse – will join the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel characters. The information comes from The Illuminerdi, via Screen Rant.

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Who is Dusk? How could they fit into Sony’s Spider-Man universe?

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Dusk is a Marvel comics character with a pretty interesting history. Several characters took up the mantle, including Peter Parker himself, Spider-Man.

Spidey started wearing the Dusk costume during the Identity Crisis storyline, which saw him accused of murder. During this time, he wore a couple of different costumes, including the Dusk identity.

However, the character is best known by the name Cassie St. Commons. This version of Dusk was initially un-powered and was killed during a superhero hazing exercise. But it wouldn’t be Marvel comics if they didn’t resurrect her! When she woke up, she was Dusk. She could teleport in a swirl of darkness and be psychically linked to her teammates.

If the Sony Spider-Man spinoff is real, it’s probably a safe bet that we’d see Cassie don the mantle.

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What is the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel characters?

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It’s the name for Sony’s Marvel movies that rolls off the tongue. Famously, Sony still owns the Spider-Man property rights, though they cut a deal to allow Peter Parker and some of his rogues into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Notably, the only films in the Sony universe are 2018’s Venom and the animated hit: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Both films were huge critical and box office successes.

However, Sony looks to be expanding the universe with several new projects including the Jared Leto led Morbius and the Venom sequel; Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Other projects in development include a Kraven The Hunter movie and a story featuring Spider-Man villains The Sinister Six.

2021 looks to be a massive year for the wallcrawler. Jon Watts’ third entry into the Spider-Man franchise is due to be an absolute corker as Tom Holland will be joined by Sony Spider-Man veterans Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx (presumably playing Doc Ock and Electro as seen in the Sam Raimi and Mark Webb movies).

The Sony Spider-Man universe continues to expand. In addition to new characters like Michael Morbius, it seems Sony is using characters from Kevin Feige‘s MCU like Michael Keaton‘s Adrian Toomes.

We can’t wait to see what both Sony and Marvel Studios have in store for Marvel fans!

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