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haunted mansion

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  1. David Mcmorran

    While this room is in the masion, most of the ride is not. Only the entrance foyer and stretching halls (there are two) are in the building. The rest are in a separate building outside of the railroad tracks. So the secret room is not connecting to one of the haunted galleries.

    1. David Allan

      In the south east corner of the Haunted Mansion just a few steps from the Que is a door to a room now used as an attraction break room. I Believe this could be the room talked about in this story. From that room you can go down to the back stage hallways. This could make it seem on the second floor.

  2. Nachtwulf

    As David says, the ‘Mansion’ itself is not part of the ride aside from holding the elevators, as the hall of portraits leads away from the building under the berm and train track to the actual ride showbuilding outside it.

    However the top floors of the Haunted Mansion in-park building -have- been in use as offices and storage and so forth (space being at a premium in the compact park) for some time so it doesn’t surprise me they’d have cleared out a space there for an impromptu schoolroom.

  3. Phoebe L Ho

    Doesn’t surprise me a bit. The Mansion is full of secrets…..

    1. Fred

      Other hidden areas?
      Yea we had a break area under the volcano in the Primeval World where we could sit for a while

      1. Robert Baca

        The prime evil world is built into the old administration building.

  4. Mike

    Literally, this “room” has been an art gallery, has been a hotel room, has been a viewing area, has been an alternative entrance into club 33. I am not sure why this is a mystery, anyone that had been around for the art gallery day could read a plaque about it.

    1. Jeannie

      That was above Pirates. Not the haunted mansion.

    2. BTBEV

      No Mike, you’re describing the Disney Gallery above Pirates. This supposedly “Hidden Room” Osmond describes is within the Mansion facade, which as others have stated, only holds the Stretching Room and elevators, as the ride is on the other side of the berm. The remaining space within the Mansion is empty. Not a surprise they could have used it as a School Room for the child actors.

  5. As many Disney regulars, we’ve always known that Disneyland has secret rooms and pathways throughout the park and I’ve agreed that they are necessary. As we wait in lines we imagined where they are and how to see them one day. Too bad there isn’t any description of that room: Was it big? Pretty? Plain? Could the park be seen? But we all wanted Mr. Disney to be able to relax and entertain his friends, family and spacial guests in comfort, so we were fine with that. There’s a “Walk In Walt’s Footsteps” tour that I took and got to eat a wonderful lunch in a special secret private courtyard in New Orleans Square that Walt used and it was so special and fun! I hope someday they can open places like that and maybe the Haunted Mansion room could be added. Wouldn’t that be fun? Here’s to seeing the park’s grand re-opening as soon as it’s possible! In the meantime, I drive by the park occasionally to ‘hold the hand’ of our sick friend and loved one during this terribly sad time. You can’t imagine how lonely and quiet the park looks. No one walking to or from now. But it’s still beautiful thanks to the people who care for it in the meantime. God bless them all from the higher-ups to the brass polishers and beyond. Deep thanks, Barb and everyone who loves Mickey and his pals.

  6. Indy

    There is a small Cast Member break room in the back corner of the Mansion. This is likely the room being referred to.

    1. Dave Allan


  7. BC

    Disneyland was often referred to as “Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom” by Disneyland itself in printed material and announcements. I distinctly remember that in the announcement on the train.

    1. Ginny

      Even through the 90s people commonly referred to Disneyland as “The Magic Kingdom”. That’s how they named The Magic Kingdom in Fl – they wanted guests to understand that MK was the “Disneyland-like” park at WDW

  8. Susie

    Thank you! Yes, Disneyland is the original “Magic Kingdom” – not a mistake by any stretch.

  9. Don M.

    In-park recorded speils, printed literature, TV ads, and Disney-produced TV and radio content all referred to Disneyland as “Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom”.

    1. Don M.

      We even referred to it as that as cast members. As in “We hope you enjoy the rest of your day, here in Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom”.

  10. CarolineRN

    Hi Barbara,
    What a nice “write up” you made about all of our dear and beloved Disneyland♥️
    Also I’d love to go on a Walts footsteps tour and sit in the patio you mentioned.
    I’ll thank all those people you mentioned again who work at Disneyland.
    I now appreciate them and the park more than ever!

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